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Cashless drive changes dynamics of retail business in Goa
Cashless drive changes dynamics of retail business in Goa

Post demonetisation, the trend in purchasing a product, including groceries have changed drastically. Goans who normally used to buy through cash are now paying through card. VIKANT SAHAY finds out how the trend has changed and how much impact it has left on the retail big stores in the State More

Personal Taxation in Union Budget 2017

Post demonisation, there were general expectations of getting relief from burden of tax for small and medium tax payers in annual Union Budget for the pain caused from demonetization. The Finance Minister has not disappointed them. More

APPsolutely classified, and Facebook knows it

SaleApp Advertising is an IT start-up from Goa that was conceptualised by its three very young founders, Carlos Lobo, 22; Larrison Soares, 24 and Nathaniel Joseph, 21. SaleApp focuses on Digital marketing and advertising across Goa through interactive and engaging forms of digital media. VIKANT SAHAY met with the founders to find out how Goa’s very first online portal was created to specifically post newspaper classified advertisements in all local newspapers through the SaleApp Website and Android App More

Improvised investing

Most equity mutual funds invest across sectors and industries. But some funds choose to restrict this to certain segments. More

One email to us can turn out to be your best financial move

If you have a tax related query or seeking general advice or you want to boost your GQ on tax matters, send us an email and we shall forward it to our in house tax guru V B Prabhu Verlekar. Emails should be sent to this email Id : [email protected] More

EPFO introduces single-page composite claim forms

Retirement fund body, Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), introduced a new window for its subscribers to submit their claim forms directly to the body without attestation of employers. More

IRS officers seek PM's intervention for smooth roll-out of GST

PTI, NEW DELHI: An association representing indirect tax officers has sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi's intervention to reverse certain decisions taken by the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council. More

Smart TVs: Internet speeds to dictate viability

The box in the corner that gives everyone a glimpse of life in the country and around the world holds a pretty important place. Despite all the information it offers to its owners, it is also known as the idiot box. Possibly because it relays anything and everything without question. AJIT JOHN spoke to dealers and manufacturers to learn if the television set will evolve or will become obsolete More

Marketing (isn’t) for dummies

We have heard the word marketing ever so frequently. Anyone attempting to sell is considered a marketer and the very act of selling is called marketing. More

Trends in Human Resources

Human Resources Development is inclusive of varied functions including hiring and retaining talent, learning and development, payroll management, performance appraisal, employee relations, recognizing and rewarding the employees, people management, ensuring well – being of the employees. More

In search of silence

He lives a pretty hectic life. Jack Sukhija runs a pretty cool inn and is also involved in highlighting the history of Panjim though his walks. He took time off to speak to AJIT JOHN about the schedule he maintains and how he manages to maintain his cool More

The Dangal of entrepreneurship

Movie producers are entrepreneurs. They take an idea (story), gather a start-up team (director, actors, editors, writers, production crew), launch their start-up (the movie production), More

One email to us can turn out to be your best opening move

If you have a start-up related query or seeking general advice on start-ups, send us an email and we shall forward it to our in house mentor Rajula Gupta.Emails should be sent to this email Id : [email protected] More

Walking the tight rope

Running a hotel is a bit like trying to chase down the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It is a never ending race. In this economy, beset by a monetary squeeze, the pressures can be well imagined. Gautam Das Gupta as the GM of O Hotel is living that life. AJIT JOHN spoke to him about his life and passions More

Goa Inc wants new govt to arrest declining ease of doing business
Goa Inc wants new govt to arrest declining ease of doing business

Goa has recently slipped from 19th rank to 21st among states in India, in ease of doing business. With a new government next month, the industry bodies and captains in the State, feel that Goa needs to pull up its socks from the outset. VIKANT SAHAY reports on some of the suggestions put forward to the incoming government More

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