Herald: A sensory festival of arts, literature and ideas

A sensory festival of arts, literature and ideas

05 Dec 2014 10:22pm IST

Report by
Patricia Ann Alvares

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05 Dec 2014 10:22pm IST

Report by
Patricia Ann Alvares

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In its inaugural edition, Sensorium reflects on photography at its intersection with literature cinema and music. In collaboration with Sunparanta, the festival has an interesting line-up of seasoned and young artistes

With its literal invitation to ‘see, hear and evolve’, Sensorium in its inaugural edition is looking at photography at its intersection with literature, cinema and music. The genesis of the festival, explains Creative Director, Prashant Panjiar, lies in the integration of arts, literature and ideas. “The idea is to look at the arts, be it cinema music, photography, theatre, literature and integrate them with an idea,” he avers. The thought also stems from the fact that with photography being so rampantly practised these days, the value of the physical image has diminished. “For art to flourish these days people must experience it and that cannot happen in a single dimension of space. Through the integration of ideas, the photograph transcends being a mere image. It excites and evokes a new feeling from within,” emphasises Panjiar, co-founder of the Delhi Photo Festival and Nazar Foundation, who has served as photojournalist and editor in some of India’s most reputed newspapers. Now as he continues as a consulting picture editor and mentors younger photographers, he directs them to think ‘out-of-the- box’.

Now in a first-of-its-kind festival, ‘Sensorium’, co-directed with Siddharth

Shanghvi, writer and novelist, Panjiar, has brought together an interesting mix of seasoned and young artistes to display their understanding and work based on this integration of ideas. Some ideas have evolved from their personal experiences like Sorabh Hura whose journal of photographs and letters documents his coming to terms with his mother’s prolonged illness; or more generic like filmmaker

Sooni Taraporevala’s journey from the idea to the visual in ‘Salaam Bombay’. The festival has also invited author and poet Jeet Tahyil, writer William Dalrymple, Director Ritesh Batra and Artist Jitish Kallat among others to share their ideas and experiences.

The seed of the idea has only just commenced with Sensorium; one which Panjiar promises will evolve with time.



(Sensorium at Sunaparanta, Panjim

opens on December 6, 2014 and runs till February 6, 2015)


Macondo the world of Gabriel García Márquez

Fausto Giaccone

A photographer sets out to discover a mythical place immortalised in one of the greatest novels of the 20th century



Farrokh Chothia

A ‘rasik' pays tribute to his favourite jazz musicians


From Screenplay to Screen Salaam Bombay!

Sooni Taraporevala

A filmmaker-writer-photographer unveils the journey of idea to word to visual


Photo-poetry: Octavio Paz in India

Jesús Clavero-Rodríguez (curator) | photographs by Subrata Biswas, Adil Hasan and Sudeep Sen | poems by Octavio Paz, written when he was ambassador of México in india (1962-68).

Three photographers attempt a free translation of a great poet's works


Handmade Preferred

Regina Maria Anzenberger (curator)

A gallerist discovers the joy of personalising visual narratives with handmade books



Gopika Chowfla

An artist reconstructs the body through a multimedia installation


Anusha Yadav / The Indian Memory Project

A People’s History

A curator makes the connection between oral and visual histories


Sohrab Hura

Life is elsewhere

A journal of photos, letters and notes by the artist as he comes to terms with his mother’s prolonged illness


Dayanita Singh

This artist has imagined some pictures with titles of seminal literature. She has played around with photographs so that each resembles a poster



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