Herald: An honour for ‘Enemy’?

An honour for ‘Enemy’?

30 Mar 2016 06:42am IST
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30 Mar 2016 06:42am IST
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‘Enemy’?, a Konkani film directed by Dinesh Bhosle, has won India’s prestigious National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Konkani this year. The makers believe that it takes great team work to bring out a film that does well on the national level. Café learns more

‘Enemy?’, a Konkani film directed by Dinesh Bhosle, and

produced by A Durga Prasad won the National Film Award

for Best Feature Film in Konkani, which consists of Rajat

Kamal and Rupees 1 lakh each to the director and producer.

The film was shot entirely in Goa, with Goans forming

a major part of the ensemble cast, including actors like

Meenacshi Martin, Rajiv Hede and Salil Naik. The winners

were declared by renowned filmmaker Ramesh Sippy who

headed the 11-member jury, set up by Government of India.

“We had put in collective efforts with the team of

technicians and actors. The film which is on the issue of

Enemy Property Act is relevant not only in Goa and India

but all over the world. Even with my previous films, I have

always worked with strong issues. An award boosts one’s

career and adds to the profile. It also makes us work harder

to match up to the level that is expected by everyone,”

says Dinesh Bhosle, who entered the film for the award in

November last year.

Dinesh is presently working on three projects: A film

in Konkani which will be shot in Goa, a Marathi film that

will be shot in Maharashtra and a Hindi film in either Uttar

Pradesh or Rajasthan. His previous films include ‘Calapor’

which was based on the reformation programs of jail

mates, and ‘Marmabandh’, a Marathi film that focused on

the struggles of a theatre artiste before liberation.

The director and producer of ‘Enemy?’ had earlier

worked together on ‘Calapor’ (2013), a thriller. Producer

A Durga Prasad, who has just completed the shoot for his

next project, ‘Martin’, was ecstatic with the news about the

film winning a National Award. “This is the first time that

our production house, Prasad Productions, worked on a

Konkani film and we won the National Award! Last year,

we released ‘Calapor’, a feature film in Marathi. I believe in

team work and an award is an inspiration to put in more

hard work for better results,” says the proud producer from

his office in Milroc, Ribandar.

For Meenacshi Martin who plays the female lead in

the film, this is the second consecutive National Film

Award win for a film she has starred in; the previous one

being last year’s ‘Nachoiam Kumpasar’. “Two years now. I

have already told A Prasad that the next film should be a

hat-trick. The Enemy Property Act is an international issue

which is prevalent in several countries where the property

belonging to the nations that are at war is confiscated.

However, the award is important for Konkani especially

in the cultural sphere as the film is only showcased for

Konkani speaking people; now it will gain international

success. There have been a handful of films from Goa that

have won the National Award, the first one being ‘Nirmon’

(1966), followed by more recent films. There is a certain

standard at the national level and it shows how the films

are improving. We had years in between where films were

not awarded because they were not up to the mark,” says


Concentrating on good roles, Meenacshi is happy that

her decisions are paying off. “I read scripts for better roles

and good production houses and I don’t accept every

role that comes my way. Even one or two good films are

enough for the year,” says Meenacshi, adding, “I have

noticed that there is a certain section of audience who

prefers watching films that are being screened. There are

so many good films still running but Goans have to change

their perspective and start appreciating these films. There is

a larger audience for a tiatr than a film.”

To conclude, Dinesh is happy with the tremendous

response that the film has received. “We have four prints

currently and have completed 62 screenings. We will

increase the screenings which will be held in Mumbai and

Bangalore. We have also been invited to screen our film

abroad,” adds Dinesh.
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