Saturday, March 26, 2017

Are the fitness (dumb)bells ringing yet?

It’s a brand new 2017, but the fitness resolutions are the same old. Café speaks to a few fitness trainers from across Goa and finds out if Goans are serious about their fitness goals

By | 06 Jan, 2017, 01:12AM IST

Are the fitness (dumb)bells ringing yet?
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When Chetna Naik (name changed to protect identity) stepped on the weighing scale earlier this week, the guilt of devouring through the festive season, crept in. Upon realising that she has put on a few unwanted kilos, she did the next obvious thing – she joined a gym. Chances are that 8 out of 10 people opt for fitness related new year resolutions. But how many of these really materialise? 

Certified fitness trainer Sunil Karmalkar, under his banner Sunil’s Fitness Wave, conducts beach training routines as well as personal mentoring for the fitness conscious. Karmalkar says, “As the new year begins every year, people start realising the need to be fit, but as the year progresses, all the motivation and dedication keeps dipping. Some join group classes or even start outdoor jogging with their friends but out of 5, at least 3 drop out. People should understand that fitness does not have a finish line. We need to exercise throughout our life to stay fit.” Another fitness trainer, Chetan Gawas, who works with Basilio’s gym in Panjim, seconds the thought. Gawas says, “This is a common trend. Every year, in January, we see a surge in the number of gym memberships. Many people start working out with good intentions, only to be distracted from workouts. By February, almost 70% of the people drop out.” 

While the solution to endure the distraction and keep pushing towards one’s fitness goals is as simple as staying motivated, execution is far easier said than done. But a few suggestions will go a long way in achieving this. Clinton Fernandes, a fitness enthusiast from Calangute, says, “It is important to have clear cut goals as opposed to something as vague as ‘I want to gain/lose weight’. Write down what is the weight/physique that you wish to achieve and keep reminding yourself about it. One can even have pictures of people who have achieved results that you desire and push yourself to achieve that in as short time as possible by following a disciplined lifestyle.” Gawas, too suggests a few more subtle ideas – “One can make gym buddies. When fatigue sets in, your buddies can keep you motivated in return for the same favour. The number of individuals discontinuing working out is far higher than those who work-out in groups.” In addition to the ideas mentioned above, there are a few unusual solutions that you can gift yourself or your loved ones. Karmalkar says, “One of my clients gifted her father a 6-month package of Personal Training and Gym. She paid it in advance when she was in Goa for Christmas. The fact that she has already paid for the package will act as an additional motivator for her father to make full use of it. Gifts like these can be a good alternative to expensive gadgets.”

For those trying to achieve their fitness goals, it is a bit difficult but definitely far from impossible. Hit the nearest gym and work towards sculpting a body you can flaunt this year.