Herald: Siolkars remember Reginald Fernandes

Siolkars remember Reginald Fernandes

20 Jun 2015 11:38pm IST
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20 Jun 2015 11:38pm IST

On June 14, Siolkars celebrated the 101st birth anniversary of their covillager, the late Reginald Fernandes (Romansincho Patxai), known for writing a record number of around 190 Konkani novels, besides being an accomplished musician, lyricist and playwright

Friends of Reginald’ converted the evening into

a memorable event. Renowned cartoonist

Alexyz lit the flame with his welcome words inlaid

with jokes as he recalled his deep friendship

with the late Reginald Fernandes. Alexyz said

that Reginald wrote “almost 190 thrilling novels

in Konkani, purely out of nostalgia while away

from Goa, playing music elsewhere in the country”.

He also introduced Juvencio Carvalho and

his mother Rosy, son and wife of the famed

Joaozinho of Johnson & His Jolly Boys band respectively,

musician-poet-singer Braz Fernandes

along with Siolim’s promising talents –

Syerilda Carvalho on the violin and little Nathan

Miranda on the djembe.

Reginald’s friends, fans and readers, including

tiatrists, musicians, book lovers et al from all

over Goa, gathered at his Siolim residence, were

regaled with nostalgic numbers by Juvencio and

his delightful group – ‘Sorbhonvtim Uzvadd

Charneancho’, ‘Vetai Tum Sanddun’ and ‘Adeus

Korchea Vellar’.

Everything revolved around Reginald Fernandes

and his varied contribution to Konkani

culture. His famous violin and Louis Armstrongautographed

trumpet were on display besides

the little table used by him to write most of his

romanses. The show resembled a birthday party.

The birthday cake was cut by Brazinho Soares

Kalapurkar, Reginald’s devoted fan and collector

of all his works, in the presence of Salvador and

Irene, son and daughter-in-law of the writermusician.

The musicians and the audience then

burst into the birthday song ‘Dis Tujea Zolmancho’

composed by Alfred Rose, for whose band,

RoseBuds, Reginald played his golden trumpet.

The musicians included Joaquim D’Souza (sax),

Bonaventure D’Pietro (sax), Willy Goes (guitar

and harmonica), Pio Esteves (guitar and harmonica),

George Vaz from Colva, Lawrence

Coutinho from Navelim and others.

Compere Alister Miranda retained the animated

atmosphere smartly. Some of those who

had come from far and near narrated the experiences

of their encounters with the mellow

music, song, romans and Reginald.

Popular actor and playwright Mario Menezes

said that his acquaintance with Konkan was

mainly through Reginald’s romanses. Goans

abroad or travottis on board the ship today prefer

their families to send the CDs of Konkani

songs and the DVDs of tiatr, while years ago their

requests were for Reginald’s books. Mario also

appealed to Goans to take a leaf out of the celebration

to encourage and support exponents

of Konkani culture, especially of the Romi


Other speakers included veteran actress

Jessie Dias who had acted in Reginald’s tiatr ‘Prijent

Festacho’, editor of Gulab Fausto da Costa,

who said, “If we intend to keep the memory of

Reginald alive among us, there is a need for the

new generation to read his romances.” Konkani

activist Anthony Veronica Fernandes, researcher/

writer Dale Menezes, who said, “Reginald

was a master of twist and surprised his

reader every time” and “it is a tragedy because

nobody has done a PhD on his extensive corpus

of writing”. Konkani writer Felix B D’Cruz said

“Reginald was the humblest among humble persons.”

Former actor/singer Bond Alfonso added:

“The cover of his book Simitirintli Bhasavnni was

illustrated by me, and which I found in Brazinho’s

exhibition here today…”

Renowned Konkani novelist Bonaventure

D’Pietro and Siolim Sarpanch Sylvester Fernandes

also spoke at the function.

The ‘Friends of Reginald’ honoured Brazinho

Soares with a memento at the hands of Irene

and Salvador Fernandes. Brazinho, who had put

up an interesting exhibition of around 96 outof-

print Reginald potboilers besides other memorabilia,

recalled his earliest impressions of the

‘Romansincho Patxai’. He said that he was surprised

to find Reginald short and simple unlike

the tall and start he had imagined Reginald

would be.

Another positive outcome of the entertaining

evening was the proposed publication of

Reginald’s three unpublished novels by Salvador

Fernandes; the DKA could surely hasten the

process with their support.
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