Herald: History galore at GALF 2015

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History galore at GALF 2015

28 Nov 2015 05:53am IST

Report by
Patricia Ann Alvares

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28 Nov 2015 05:53am IST

Report by
Patricia Ann Alvares

In its 6th edition this year, the Goa Arts and Literary Festival promises to be a banquet of readings, conversations, panel discussions, book launches and performances. While Bangladesh and Singapore will be the countries on focus, history will take centre stage with some world-class historians attending the festival

As the Goa Arts and Literary Festival (GALF) 2015 prepares to raise curtains on its VI edition, the curators – Vivek Menezes and Damodar Mauzo – promise it will be another banquet of readings, conversations, panel discussions, book launches and performances, with 100 speakers from 12 countries participating.

“The study of history and history writing has become even more relevant today. We are looking at new trends in history and our focus this year is on the best history books. We have a line-up of some world-class contemporary Goan and International historians for the festival,” avers Vivek. “Among these are

Ines Zupanov and Angela Barretto who will launch their book ‘Catholic Orientalism’, Faisal Devji from Oxford, Ramachandra Guha including Parag Porob and Rochelle Pinto from Goa along with a host of others.”

For countries on focus, Bangladesh and Singapore are in the limelight at this year’s festival. “Singapore has a long standing relationship with GALF. The country is known for its poetry. The husband-wife duo, A J Low, will be showcasing their children’s book ‘Sherlock Sam and The Missing Heirloom in Katong’. Bangladesh is about to have its moment this year. The are a group of great writers on the verge of international recognition and they are all making their debut at GALF 2015 and for the first time in India,” the curators explain. The international line-up of writers include six each from Bangladesh and Singapore, eight from neigbhouring Pakistan, three from UK, four from USA and one each from Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Norway and Portugal with over 50 prominent speakers from Goa and the rest of India.

Poets have been given a place of pride at GALF every year. “GALF is the only festival in India with a major emphasis on poetry. In fact, one of our keynote addresses is by India’s well known poet Keki Daruwalla. We are also proud of the fact that a member of Goa Writers,

Rochelle Potkar,

who was one of the few writers selected from around the world for the IOWA International Writing Programme, will be reading her poetry at the festival. Brian Mendonca and a host of Konkani writers will also be showcasing their works,” explains Vivek of this multi-lingual festival which includes six languages – Hindi, Konkani, Kannnada, Malayalam, Odia and English.


While a slew of prominent authors will be releasing their books at the festival, there are two that will make a larger impact this year. “Naomi Duguid, a multiple award-winning, world-famous food book author and expert on Asian cuisines, will make her debut appearance at the festival; it will also be her first in India. The surprising thing is that even though she has written so much about Indian cuisine, she has never presented her work in India. On the other front is India’s most promising and brightest young talents, Dr Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar, who will have an exclusive release of his second book ‘The Adivasi Will Not Dance’ at GALF,” he adds.



(GALF will be held at the International Centre, Goa, Dona Paula from December 11 to 13, 2015. The inauguration will be held at Maquinez Palace, ESG auditorium, Panjim at 5pm on December 10, 2015)





T GALF 2015


* Countries in Focus - Bangladesh and Singapore


* Some prominent Historians from around the world

Faisal Devji - Oxford,

Ines Zupanov - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris

Angela Barretto Xavier - University of Lisbon

Anjali Arondekar - University of California

Ramachandra Guha, Jonathan Gil Harris, Raghu Karnad, Vedica Kant, Parag Porobo, Rochelle Pinto and many others.



*Prof Amin public lecture

Recording the Bhashas and Bolis of Colonial India: G A Grierson,

Ramgharib Chaube and the Making of the Linguistic Survey of India


*Exclusive debut

Naomi Duguid – multiple award-winning, world-famous food

book author and expert on Asian cuisines


*Ambedkar Memorial Lectures by P Sivakami and Prof Khalid Anis Ansari


Book Launches (selected):

• Angela Barreto Xavier and Ines G Zupanov’s ‘Catholic Orientalism’

• Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar’s ‘The Adivasi Will Not Dance’

• Yvonne Vaz Ezdani’s ‘Songs of the Survivors’

• Anjum Hasan’s ‘The Cosmopolitans’

• Bharat Karnad’s ‘Why India is Not a Great Power (Yet)’

• Harsh Mander’s ‘Looking Away: Inequality, Prejudice and Indifference in New India’

• Heta Pandit’s ‘There's more to life than a house in Goa’

• Keki Daruwalla’s ‘Ancestral Affairs’

• Narayan Ramachandran’s ‘A Visible Hand’

• Saad Z Hossain’s ‘Escape from Baghdad!’

• Sarah Farooqui’s ‘Distance from Delhi’

• Vincy Quadros’ ‘Khell Zalo Vell’

• Mahesh Rao’s 'One Point Two Billion'

• Zac O’Yeah’s ‘Hari, Hero for Hire’


Performance by award winning street magicians from Delhi

Performance by Indian-American rapper, Himanshu Suri







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