Saturday, March 26, 2017

When your favourite stores come home

With the popularity of e-commerce on the rise, Café looks into the trend, and asks a few online shoppers whether the concept of shopping from home is more appealing, and if yes, why?

08 Jan, 2017, 02:17AM IST

When your favourite stores come home
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Over the years, the trend of online
shopping has slowly caught up with
the 'old-school' method of physical
purchases. Several online platforms in
particular have become increasingly
popular, offering shoppers a reason to
not leave home. At this juncture, given
that it's the season for sales to be on at
stores in full swing, online platforms have
rivalled the movement, offering rebates
of a similar nature. This in turn begs the
question, as a shopper, if one turns to
online shopping, over the conventional
means of physical stores, what are the
advantages that come to mind of the new
age method?
Still popular? People
shopping at stores
rather than online
I was out at the mall when I
began to wonder what the greater
appeal of online shopping was,
given the sales that are on. The
first thing that comes to mind
when looking at the trend of
shopping versus e-commerce
in Goa is the convenience of
the latter. Second would be the
variety and number of brands
available online, which is not
available in stores here. Another
factor at play could be that the
discounts here are mostly on
selective items.
I would have to put the main
reason down to convenience.
You can sit wherever you are
and have choices shown to
you, rather than go out of
your way. However, you also
always doubt the value of the
discount being given, as you
are often not sure what the
price was before and don't
know whether they have
marked it up before giving
There are several advantages to e-commerce,
really. You get to sit at home and buy what
you want, it saves you time, it is usually
cheaper, it saves a person’s energy and
they can dedicate that time to something
else, there are more options that can be
checked out within a shorter span of time,
saves travel costs, quick payments, and the
choice of home delivery with a COD option.
The benefits all depend on what type of
object you're looking for. When it comes to
electronics or apparel, most websites run
discounted pricing and even cash backs.
It's also a question of the ease factor. In a
physical store, first you walk into a store,
then you find what you want and see if it's
discounted. Filters on a website make this
easier, and most of all, the delivery to your door
bit, I feel, helps that cause even more.
I believe that it's a combination of
cheaper rates and a wider choice. When
everything is available under one roof,
why wouldn't it seem more appealing?