Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Goenkarponn is not the copyright of any party; it’s the copyright of the people of Goa


Is the Congress in Goa, a part of the mokaso property of the Ranes?


Congress ‘high command’ set to reject low-level political dalliances in Goa

Lobby desperately seeking alliances, likely to be put in its place soon; long term credibility greater priority than govt formation More

Many politicians in Goa are just pieces on a chessboard

Some are pawns used to move only a square in front unless they have to cut. They then move sideways and can even cut a queen, a king or a bishop. More

Who will save Goa? How about us?


Tourism’s most loyal foot soldiers cannot be treated as orphans

This is a very simple essay. Meant to convey some very simple truths. In a language that those running Goa’s tourism will comprehend More

Can those in Goa who have held the ruling party’s hands for half the term, be claimants of an anti BJP alliance?


The undecided will decide 2017 in Goa, any which way


Goa is grappling with the ‘new normal’, but needs the old normal, when we fought the real fight


The Goa Cong hasn’t yet dared to make a difference and may be forced into compromises

If preparation for the Olympics takes place almost a year in advance, the build in another sport, which is bloodier and less forgiving – politics, More

To make a decisive change, voters have to be decisive, not divided

The sad story of 2017 will be the failure to push and win on issues which most Goans held dear More

The idea of a Goa Father Bismarque lived for, is dying with his death