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25 Mar 2016 04:41am IST
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25 Mar 2016 04:41am IST

Brutality to the core

It was indeed shocking to learn that a panch of Cavrem, Ravindra Velip, who was arrested alongwith some other locals for obstructing transportation of ore, was mercilessly assaulted at the Sada Jail and sustained fractures and injuries. 

The intolerance of the BJP, headed by Parsekar, has reached the heights of brutality, perhaps never witnessed in Goa before. These are signs of desperation of a Government that knows that it is on its way out and is trying desperately to cling to power by resorting to muzzling people’s voices and curbing peaceful protests. We have not forgotten how BJP behaved with Filipe Neri Rodrigues and was accused of having forged his signature. It is a different matter that he turned into a mouse for reasons known to all of us.

The Government is now unleashing a reign terror in Goa and is sure of being successful in intimidating the protesters. My appeal to the people of Goa is not to be terrorized or cowed down by such autocratic and shameful actions of the Govt. but to rally behind the suffering people of Goa, be at Cavrem, Betul, Tiracol or anywhere else and unite and fill the jails, if need be, to uphold democracy and protect freedom of expression from the so-called “patriots” of this country.

Jose Maria Miranda, Margao

LOO exposed

Pratapsingh Rane has had a chequered political career. It is difficult to frame him into a particular mould. He has been a strong Marathiwaddi but has admittedly been someone, for instance, who has given the greatest incentive to the western musical wing of the Kala Academy. As a CM, he can be credited for taking several wise decisions but, sadly, Rane Sr is the one who green signalled casinos in Goa, gave birth to the idea of SEZs and allowed his son even before the latter became an MLA to act as an extra-constitutional power facilitating the entry of big companies allegedly for a song. 

Pratapsingh, whether in power or out of power, has wittingly or unwittingly, allowed himself to be trapped by astute Parrikar. When once we as members of the Lok Shakti went to ask Rane, the CM, to order a CBI enquiry into the alleged gross irregularities indulged during the first IFFI by Parrikar, Rane politely turned us back. Rane is a pucca gentleman, no doubt. But his desire to survive on the last few crumbs thrown at him by the BJP makes him a persona non grata to the Congress and to all those who want to unite against the BJP. 

It is time for Rane to gracefully relinquish his role as the LOO of the Legislative Assembly and enjoy a deserved retirement.

Dr. Francisco Colaco, Margao

Declining bird number

It must be said that crows and sparrows and even pigeons flying in our cities was a regular sight in the past. Crows are scavengers which feed on the bits of food that is found in the neighborhood. 

I recall during my younger days crows used to perch on the window sills of our house and suddenly dart in and take away the eatables from out dining tables. These black ever-present birds used to feed on the waste that was strewn on the roads. However now the number of crows visible in our cities appear to have dwindled drastically. The home sparrows were a regular sight in our houses. I recall they used to build nests in the meter box of our house. Sparrows build their nests in space between the bricks of the walls in the houses and also on the rafters of tiled houses. They used to bathe in the ponds and other water bodies. It is understood that when the sparrows play in the soil it means that the rains are not far away. Crows have now become a rare sight in our cities. The pretty brown home sparrows could well be included in the list of endangered species in the not-so-distant future. 

Pigeons too are decreasing in number. In the past hordes of pigeons used to fly down when grains of food was scattered on the pavements. Now these birds have become conspicuous by their absence. The growing number of tall buildings, the increase in the air and noise pollution and the decrease in the open water bodies which are now mostly polluted as well as non-availability of food has probably led to the reduction in the number of these common bird species in our cities. 

We should do everything possible to protect these birds for posterity. Otherwise future generations will know about them only from the text books. 

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Elevation of Nutan Sardesai

It is a matter of pride to all Goans that the District Judge of Goa Sessions Court, Nutan Sardesai, has been appointed as a Judge of the prestigious High Court of Bombay. The Bombay High Court has a great and glorious history, even older than that of the Indian Supreme Court.

Many eminent persons like Justice M. G. Ranade, Justice Chandrachud, etc. have earlier served as Judges of the Bombay High Court. It a great honour that Judge Sardesai will be a part of the Bench at Bombay High Court. She is someone who has been born and educated in Goa, securing her law degree from Margao's Govind Ramnath Kare Law College. Her appointment is another feather in the cap for Kare Law College and its management headed by Margao's eminent C.A. Ganesh Daivajna, as earlier, Justice Anuja Prabhudesai was appointed to the Bombay High Court, and she too was an ex-student of Kare College.

With Judge Sardesai's promotion to the High Court, another vacancy is created in the District Court of South Goa. As it is, there are some vacant posts in Subordinate Judiciary. To decrease the work load before judiciary, the Govt. should soon fill in all empty vacancies esp. in lower courts, since we litigants mainly go to the subordinate courts. I wish Judge Sardesai all the very best.

Vikas Kamat, Margao

Govt’s unexpected 

cordiality with Pak

BJP-led central government in its successive second year rule after 2014 Lok Sabha elections sent a Union Minister to attend Pakistan Day celebration on March 23, 2016 at Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi despite knowing that separatist Kashmiri leaders of Hurriyat were to be present at that occasion. 

Earlier Indian Prime Minister had given a shock by his surprise visit to Pakistan. Such attitude by Indian government is totally in contrast to BJP stand when it was in opposition. Shockingly all this is happening at a time when anti-Indian activities from Pakistan are regularly on increase. Some junior-level officer could be deputed to attend the function as protocol. 

Such a stand by BJP-led government where BJP was the bitter-most critic of any slightest of cordiality even in name of formality exhibited by earlier UPA government, makes many to comment and doubt if our Pakistan-policy being governed by USA.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Pilar musical

I watched the Lenten play Tachem Doyall Kalliz by Fr Peter Cardozo and team. It was superb. The musicians, the acting, the compositions, the singers all of them were great. And the little child stole the show. Hearty congratulations to the entire team. I have been watching Fr. Peter 's Lenten plays every year. They are a real treat to watch. 

Jennifer Viegas, Navelim

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