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11 Jun 2016 06:27am IST
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11 Jun 2016 06:27am IST

BRICS Summit

It must be said that whenever an international event is held in Goa, the state sees a lot of infrastructural development which otherwise would have not taken place. The eighth BRICS summit which Goa will host from October 15-16 will see a lot of developmental work being taken up at the Goa International Airport Dabolim where state-of-the-art facilities will reportedly be created while improving facilities at the immigration counter by providing more staff. Obviously the summit will be a big opportunity to improve the infrastructure of the airport which in the past has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

It is understood that about 8,000 foreign delegates from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa will participate in this international event. Handling such a large number of delegates will need a lot of infrastructural development in the state like better roads and other facilities. It is understood that it is proposed to construct a four-lane road to ease traffic congestion at Bambolim.

It may be recalled when the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meet (CHOG-M) was held in the state several new roads were built which have been a boon to Goans till this very day. However it must be said that not all international events benefit Goans. The International Film Festival of India (IFFI) has created congestion in the capital city and no new infrastructures were built to stage this international event. The DefExpo international event also did not benefit Goans to the extent that was expected. Goa needs to host those international events which bring in a lot of developmental activities in a short period of time.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Senseless statements

Joel Morais has well dissected the subject of dual citizenship in his article titled ‘Senseless Statements by Freedom Fighters?’ dated June 10.

If we look at most of the statements made not just by the Freedom Fighters but also by other groups like the BBSM or our Goan politicians or many other right wing Indian politicians or leaders of the RSS or Sang Parivar, etc most of these statements are indeed ‘senseless’ or even ‘sick’ and are made to provoke hatred especially in the minorities. 

The recent statements regarding the Nigerians is a good example wherein our CM first said that the Nigerians are trouble makers and then made a U-turn saying that tourist from all over are welcome to Goa. In fact the Idhar Udhar cartoon dt. June 10 has devised a good solution to this foot-in-the-mouth disease by covering the mouth of the offenders with a face mask!

Matias Lobo, Oman

The next Iron Lady?

It is official that Hillary Clinton is going to be the presumptive Democratic Party nominee after having clinched the magic number 2383, the number of candidates needed to win the nomination. However, her main opponent Bernie Sanders has not yet yielded and intends to continue until the end of Primaries in Washington DC. It appears that only President Obama who may be able to convince him to withdraw from the race and throw his weight behind his former Secretary of State Clinton. This is the second time Ms Clinton, former First Lady attempted to contest the nomination for the powerful position of US President. 

Her opponent is the temperamental and unpredictable Republican candidate billionaire Donald Trump. She has a very tough contest ahead and will need all the available weapons to match and win against Trump, whom President Obama sees as “unqualified and unfit” to be the President of USA.

If she wins the November election she will be the First Lady to be the Lady President of USA. Of course being the President of the most powerful nation of the world and having widespread powers at her disposal to exercise, could she be the next Iron Lady of USA?

Antonio Diniz, Fatorda

True liberation, not a second

This has reference to the letter by Fr Victor Ferrao ‘We need a second liberation’ (Herald, 9 June). I have the following comments to make. What exactly have we been liberated from? We have actually literally fallen from the frying pan into an inferno. This is an occupation from one dictatorship to another. With the likes of Goa Industrial Development Corporation, The Investment Promotion Board, with unfettered powers overriding all local bodies’ law, are we any better than the Chinese? Where is the interest of the ordinary Goans protected? The ‘Liberation’ we speak of is a liberty to loot and plunder the beautiful land of Goa by outside builders, businessmen the rich, powerful and our greedy politicians.

What is happening in the beautiful village of Amdai and Tiracol is rather heartbreaking. Having a beer factory and Golf course is far more important than the livelihood of the locals who have lived there for generations. Ecology be damned; lets us have marinas all along the Chapora river. Let us give additional 200 more acres of Betul land to MPT and gift the island of Anjedive to the Indian Navy; which seems to have an insatiable desire to own Goan land. Let us pander to the builders, the businessmen and let our local politicians make millions at the expense of the common man. That is liberated Goa for you Fr Victor.

Joaquim D’Cruz, Kuwait

Satellite port 

at Betul

The Shipping Minister's grandiose plans of having a satellite port into the quiet and beautiful countryside of Betul village will not go down well with the locals going by the stiff opposition to the temporary DefExpo. It is a foregone conclusion that the locals as well as others will not take this lying down. Goa is a small state with limited land resources and MPT on its part should not bulldoze this project just because it owns some land at Betul. The locals should be taken into confidence before such huge projects are announced.

Betul will become another Vasco with all the bad effects that come along with a port like nightclubs, prostitution, pollution, etc. The garb of employment is just a carrot that the authorities keep dangling before the innocent populace. If Goans were gainfully employed here itself many of our brethren would not have migrated to distant UK, Cayman Islands, etc to make a decent living.

Lucas D'Souza, Verna

Udta censor not at all

“Udta Punjab” movie has made “Udta Censor”! Joke apart, Censor Board is much needed to safeguard increasing vulgarity in our society and to keep peaceful atmosphere in the country. There are guidelines for it to pass in toto or cuts needed. The aggrieved person has a right to seek legal course but in no way take up with media and criticise instead of cuts suggested to entire Censor Board and to blame it on its freedom of speech/creativity wrongly as it is subject to other persons’ rights of decency and peace in the society. 

The truth must be shown but within limits and a decent way. There are better ways of presentation without hurting the sentiments or defaming any person or State, etc. Many of Bollywood stars have joined in criticising the Censor Board, naturally they are part of industry but they should also consider it in a broader perspective and understand the cuts suggested. There is always the Court’s order open for the final decision. The use of scissors is much needed in the welfare of people in society and public morality. It is a fact that a good number of our audience is not yet matured in not being effected by Bollywood movies!

The worst outcome is politicians self interest in this matter. They are never concerned for public at large and always try to exploit every tiny matter to their interest only.

Mahesh Kumar, New Delhi

Migrant fear

At a time when we are crying foul over the after effects of Nigerians and Russians in Goa, we are unwittingly forgetting that Goa has been already besieged by incessant migrants capturing every available land and businesses in Goa. Over the years, Goans started to look for better opportunities on ships, Gulf, foreign land and recently on a migration spree to UK on a Portuguese passport. Traditional artisans and other skilled Goan labourers are no more while their children prefer to have a separate career of their own. The void created by the lack of these people gave a golden opportunity for migrant labour being imported in Goa particularly in the construction industry.

Many migrants bought property and are now well settled with own business ventures while Goans still prefer to look beyond Goa’s shores for greener pastures. Goans who preferred to stay back will slowly be overpowered by the migrant might and a day will come when the traditional Patrao will be diminished to a mere pawn in the changing demography of Goa. Our neighbourhood is slowly turning into a high risk area under the migrant fear where no safety can be assured for us or our families. To top it up, Goans have been trying to make small fortune by renting out their houses and rooms to these migrants for a few hundred rupees without even establishing their credentials thereby putting the entire society at risk. The fear of the illicit migrant staying beside you can turn your life into a living nightmare if not tackled today!

Allwyn Jorge, Carmona

A thought for Mr Karmali

This is in reference to the article of our Freedom Fighter Naguesh Karmali “Dual Citizenship an Anti-India Activity”. Mr Freedom Fighter do you know or have the knowledge that Goans who are holding Portuguese Citizenship work there and in London and contribute a lot to Goa’s Economy. They earn there and come to Goa to their mother land, spend money to buy things to eat and drink; build houses spend the earnings in Goa. This contributes to the economic growth of the State, same like what the tourists do. It looks like you don’t have the proper knowledge of economy. And you say that a Goan, who has obtained Portuguese Citizenship, should be punished for illegally staying in their own mother state. So Mr Freedom Fighter where were you hiding with your freedom fighting when the Nigerians created havoc in Porvorim mocking and challenging our own Government? So many Nigerians, Russians stay illegally in Goa, and are involved in peddling drugs, commit rapes, crimes while staying illegally here. Do you Mr Freedom Fighter have the guts or as a son of Goa to stop this illegal people then talk, or you are just a freedom fighter to take the benefits given to Freedom Fighters.

Democracy is been murdered, people who has raised their voice on illegal things have been silenced and murdered. Goans who come to Goa don’t create such nuisance and create terror in our state. We are peace loving people, you better understand Mr Naguesh Karmaly, and think ten times to what you say.

Jerry Gomes, Navelim

Downfall of Congress

While the BJP has consistently maintained its public euphoria mainly due to the undisputable skills of their leaders in manipulating the people’s minds, the Congress Party sadly is yet to accept the harsh reality for the reasons of its continuous downfall. The Congress Party seems to have paid dearly for its dependence solely on the Gandhi family for its survival and public support when other Parties have managed to pull the masses towards them.

It looks like the golden era of the Congress Party has come to an end due to its own weight and its stubborn leaders not ready to accept the truth and start afresh with renewed efforts and capture the people’s imagination to recover its lost ground. In Goa, the same old guards still call the shots and vie for Party tickets even after their disastrous performance in 2012 when Goans gave a decisive mandate for the BJP. Talk of fresh faces seems a ploy to fool the people at a time when there is not a single Congress leader or their fresh faces trying to make a serious effort to gain people’s support. The DefExpo agitation saw some Congress leaders on the roads only to vanish under the threat of an FIR by the government. Mere talks, padhyatras or candle light vigils are not going to resurrect the Congress Party still suffering the trauma and hangover of its humiliation in 2012 elections. Under the present Congress guard, their attitude and policies it would not be a surprise if the BJP’s vision to decimate the Congress turns out be a resounding success!!

Allwyn Jorge, Carmona

Letter to the Editor

Ever since BJP came to power there has been hatred towards minorities in India. It is surprising even Goa is not spared. We have seen how BBSM are demanding to stop grants to Diocesan-run English school and now they are asking that the Fontainhas festival be cancelled and not to grant dual citizen to Goans who have acquired Portuguese passport. This shows how much hatred this party has against the minorities. 

What does BBSM have to do with dual citizenship and Fontainhas festival? They have even threatened to withdraw support to BJP in next election, thus it proves that there are people who hate minorities who are in BJP. 

Next in line are so-called freedom fighters who are demanding the Portugal consulate to shut its office in Goa. I wonder whether this demand is by all freedom fighters or just by Nagesh Karmali. The world has moved much ahead and lot of Indians are working abroad, my dear fellow Indian come out of your fickle mentality and work for real development of Indians rather than nurture seeds of religious discrimination which the true freedom fighters left behind to secure India guaranteed by Indian constitution. 

Coming back to Goans. It is they who go abroad to work and send remittance to India thereby giving foreign exchange. Can any political leader give jobs to all Goans who are working abroad back home? Instead of encouraging Goans to go abroad, politician and anti-national like BBSM are discouraging Goans. I wonder what would happen if all those who are working abroad stop patronising business and establishment run by majority community.

George Fernandes, Houston USA

Stand up and speak up to be counted

“Democracy is not just about elections, leaving it all to our elected representatives. We must remain vigilant, participative and upstanding citizens. To stand up and be counted whenever required, ensuring manifesto promised and Constitutional justice is delivered. To save Goa, the silent majority will have to rise, join and conscientiously speak up for justice to become worthy of lawful Democracy!”

The above extract is from the last para of the article titled ‘Whom can we trust?’ by John Eric Gomes dt. 09/06/16. The writer has explained in detail the reasons why corrupt politicians like Jayalalithaa could get re-elected. He says, “Material greed has ensured people’s votes and adulation for winner “Amma” before whom men prostrate themselves; small margin loser, a wheel-chair bound 93-year-old supremo. Both are treated like Gods”.

And finally in the Goan context if we are conscientious upstanding citizens and wish to defeat the demons in 2017, the silent majority has to be vigilant, be participative, rise, stand up and speak up to be counted.

Matias Lobo, Oman

Proud to be Modi Chamcha

The movie Udta Punjab has run into roadblocks with co-producer Anurag Kashyap hitting out at Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani, calling him "oligarch" and "dictator". Nihalani has ordered 89 cuts in the film and also alleged that the film is funded by the Aam Aadmi Party but refused to substantiate his allegations nor apologize.

Nihalani is known to be close to PM Modi and has said that ‘he is proud to be a Modi Chamcha!’

Matias Lobo, Oman

Thank God for the rain

Thank you Rain Gods for coming down to Goa and starting the washing, cleaning, watering and filling process. Now we will have a cool and chilly weather, our dirty roads and surroundings will be washed clean so that we can step out. Our half dead plants and trees will sway in glee because their thirst will be quenched. Our wells, dams and lakes will be filled with water for us to use when the Rain Gods are gone.

Thank you Rain Gods for coming down in style, all these days you are ‘lighting crackers and dada bombs’ to celebrate your coming. The thundering and lightning produced due to celebrations are scaring beautiful girls and small babies so the beautiful girls hug the young men and the infants their mothers. Dear Rain Gods some people have already started cursing you before you could start pouring excessively. But that is the nature of the man.

Dear Rain Gods we thank you for coming on time but please we have a request to you from many people. Office goers and daily workers want you to come at night so they can go to work dry. Children in schools want you to come anytime because they want you to drench them wet so that they may skip schools after they fall sick. Lovers want you to come only when they reach restaurants or movie halls. College boys want you to only drizzle because they hate to wear jackets or carry umbrellas. Old people and middle aged women want you to fall straight because they don't want their umbrella's to turn inside out.

So dear Rain Gods come in style and go in style everyday but please hear our above requests. We also request you Rain Gods to please visit everywhere so that everyone is happy. Enjoy your stay in Goa for three months. Eo re pausa eo...

Pascoal T Fernandes, Colvale

Shacks infested 


The London Times June 7, 2016 edition reported the forgiveness of his father by the 7 year old Japanese boy who was left alone in a

"Bear-infested forest".

He could well have been eaten by a bear, but, if his parents had abandoned him in Goa, he might well have been eaten by a:-

 “shacks-infested tourist”!

Stephen Myall, London UK

Letter to the Editor

 Land grabbing / Encroachments on government land is a regular feature and it randomly happens in the democratic India with over 125 crore population. 

It all started with an action in response to a PIL filed, the Allahabad High Court has ordered the UP government authorities (Police department) to get back (evacuate) the encroached Mathura's (UP) Jawaharbagh Park 270-acre land, unauthorized grabbed by thousands of member of ' Netaji ' sect., allegedly with connivance of politicians and govt.officials, who were hand in gloves, since 2014 under the pretext of carrying out protests against UP & Central government. 

The 'Netaji ' sect, has been formed by the Azad Bharat Vidhik Vaicharik Kranti Satyagrahi which included/claimed by the activists of the splinter group of Baba Rambriksh Jai Gurudeo. (please note here the mis-use honored words/names such as Netaji,Jawahar,Satyagrahi, Kranti, Gurudeo etc ). During the course of evacuation action on Thursday, the 2nd June 2016, in the melee, 29 people from either sides died/killed including 2 police officers ( Mukul Dwivedi,SP & Santos Kumar,SHO). The conflict between the police and the enchroachers was actually like a well-prepared armed conflict / mini war which tantamount to uprising/up-serge/overthrow/treason etc. as the latte freely used country-made pistols, rifles, guns, grenades,swords , knives etc. Normally the government gives the ' Wake-up call ' , but here this is serious warning to the U P government who is going for the assembly polls in 2017 (403 seats ) by the rebels, rather traitors of the nation, and therefore to wipe out these anti-social elements , the Govt. both the Stat and the Central should seriously consider to put the criminals/anti-social elements/traitors of the country behind the bar for the serious offences they have committed.

Vijay D. Patil, Pune


The S Factor 

Spirituality and meditation is an Indian asset, it need not be religious by turning to spirituality to beat stress and alter man's peace. It can calm your mind in most difficult times, many people think of suicide when faced with problems especially the children who are likely to fail or get lower percentage. Some people take up to drinking and smoking to overcome the problems. This gives a false feeling of well being which also harms their health. Spirituality and meditation and yoga helps one's inner energy to relax.

Diomedes Pereira, Corlim

Ali the ‘greatest’

Krink, krink, krink, rang the telephone of Mohd. Ali in USA. He picked up the receiver and acknowledged the voice of Prof. Betrand Russel calling from UK and telling Mohd. Ali the following: “Your efforts in opposing American involvement in Vietnam war is laudable. In the history of humanity there was not a single war more barbaric than this war. When a person of your stature talks, world listens. American public has listened to your voice of opposition to this war and they will support you. Please carry forward your fight and I support you”. Finally USA withdrew from Vietnam but while opposing USA, poor Ali was made to suffer, even stripped of his title.

About 33 years back, Soviet Russia had just occupied Afghanistan and at that time Mohd. Ali was in Bombay at Brabourne Stadium attending a reception where he was also entertaining the audience. Suddenly an emissary comes there from US President Carter asking Ali to fly back to USA immediately because Carter has appointed him to be his emissary in the Muslim World to explain to the Muslim leaders the necessity of uprooting Russia from Afghanistan. Carter selected Ali for this job to cash on the influence of Ali on Muslim World.

It was a last round during the “Manila the Thrilla” fight between Ali and Joe Frazier, both were totally exhausted but Frazier was more. His manager noticed this and asked Frazier “can you see?” When the answer was “No”, Ali was so surprised that he collapsed to the ground with happiness. This was the greatest fight of Ali. Will we ever again get another Ali? I doubt because such men come to this planet only once in centuries. He raised Boxing to the pedestal. May his soul rest in peace.

A.Veronica Fernandes, Candolim

Assagao - Land of flowers

Once upon a time Assagao a peaceful loving village was called "The land of Flowers". As we enter Assagao some years back there was a sign board welcoming people to the land of flowers. Now the board has disappeared and some new big builders sign boards are seen who welcome the people who enter Assagao. 

It is my request to the concerned authority to put up a board welcoming the people the land of flowers. Secondly some years back Assagao comunidade had plenty on empty land now that this land has been some to the top builder and some outside people leaving no comunidade land to future of our generation. The comunidade members must think of the future generation and keep the land. It is quite surprising the land sold is sold to people who have two the three houses. It looks like that like that the rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. My second humble request is to develop a plot and make a garden/park to future generation. This is only way we can keep our traditional Name Assagao- "The Land of Flowers."

Zeferino Noronha, Assagao

Age and grace

This refers to the letter, "Old is gold" (Herald, June 5, 2016) by Matias Lobo. Hats off to Leander Paes and Martina Hingis for winning the French Open mixed doubles title. When a positive dictum, "catch them young" is being negatively interpreted as "throw them old" and when age is being treated as a hot potato, they, at their combined age of 77 (42 + 35), have shown to us that age with experience and grace can acquire clear edge for doing magic. We should learn the art of ageing gracefully saying a firm NO to hair-dying chemicals and apologetic pretensions to being considered young ones. So, never say die and never say dye as well!

Sujit De, Kolkata

Swachh Bharat not for Bastora

Five months ago United 7 Association, a group of diligent youth from Bastora, cleared the major roads of garbage. They even got permission from the Panchayat to erect a sign drawing litterers' notice to the penalty for dumping garbage. Sadly, within two months people started dumping garbage along the road leading to and from the Panchayat office! Heaps of bottles - loose and bagged, broken and intact are dumped in the nullahs.

Our Panchayat members are obviously not bothered because the litter around its premises tells enough. Its garbage is not segregated and plastic not burnt. The plastic collection service is dormant. If our VP members were serious about the garbage problem they could have all the alcohol bottles collected and despatched to the respective bottlers, i.e. Budweiser, Tuborg, Carlsberg etc. COD by rail. 

Thermacol dumped along the roadside could be used as packaging to avoid breakage. Labour cost for this could come from the Rs 25,000 or more that is allocated for garbage collection. Also, they could confront bar owners about their methods of disposing their empties. That will be the day when Swachh Bharat’s acche din aa chuke hai!

Juliet De Souza, Bastora 

Let Bismarque be laid to rest

Why torture the brave soldier Fr Bismarque’s body in the ice box drawer in the morgue of Goa Medical College, Bambolim. Perform his funeral rites immediately and lay it down under to R.I.P. 

We shall tirelessly fight tooth and nail for the justice to our Fr Bismarque, a true and loyal warrior and follow the trial of the case urging the government’s early action in finalising the trial of the case in the fast track court. Let us ask for proper justice to penalise his murderers in meeting the ends of justice to the satisfaction of his bereaved families and his followers en masse.

Luis Carlos Roncon, St Cruz

Agents of change

A couple of recent news snippets, give us hope that there are still people who are committed to bringing about a change for the better.

The first one - A CBI court judge from Jabalpur, Justice Yogesh Chandra Gupta, sentenced a government official along with his kin, on charges of corruption.

This demonstrates a willingness to act against the rot which has taken hold of our country and maybe after such a deterrent, greed will not take a precedence over family well being.

The second one - Ms. Kiran Bedi has led the way by banning sirens on VIP cars in Puducherry. The traffic will not be stopped for VIP's

Will our Judiciary, and powers that be demonstrate such commitment.

Paul Pereira, Velim


Swasthya seva no more swasthya?

Even before the Deendayal Swasthya Seva Yojana could be rolled out by the BJP Government there are news reports that the Swasthya Seva is no more swasthya! 

So what was the big idea of introducing a health insurance scheme which is full of glitches and doubts that no one including the hospitals and even the people in charge of introducing the scheme are unable to explain such that we need our ‘Super CM’ to hold a special meeting to clear the doubts. 

On the eve of the 2017 elections this scheme appears to be a gimmick to entice the voters with such half-baked schemes.

Matias Lobo, Oman

Western culture

The Portuguese ruled Goa for more than 450 years and foreign blood is flowing in our veins till today. We were (I mean Goans) following western culture for so many centuries and for what reason should we change our western culture. Mr Mandrekar, the Cultural Minister, may not have born during the Portuguese regime but his parents were born and they were following the western culture. And I think he (Mandrekar) too was following the same like his parents.

Western Culture is followed not only in Goa but in many parts of India where old and young wear pants, suits like western countries. The Hindi films are bundles of western culture, their costumes, dresses, styles, etc. Why Mr Mandrekar demands Goans to follow Indian culture? Those days are gone Mr Mandrekar, the Hindu and Muslim girls were wearing sarees and churidars, and now most of them changed their old culture and wear jeans. 

Music is in our blood, music keeps us free of tension. All our celebrations like weddings, birthdays and other festivities use music and Mr Mandrekar wants to stop playing music in public and not in his backyard. Mr Mandrekar should shed his pant and shirt and suit (Western) and wear dhoti and topi in public first and set an example

Marcos Alemao, Varca

Preventing open defecation 

A “Swachh Bharat, Neetol Goem” campaign obviously also includes stopping people from defecating in the open. However, it is observed that in Goa in absence of public toilets in remote villages as well as at some beaches, people, specially the migrants, are still in the habit of defecating in the open. It is understood that children from a village in Chhattisgarh which has declared itself as “open defecation free” has come with a novel way of preventing people from defecating in the open. Here children get up early in the morning not to study but to keep a sharp look out for villagers going out to defecate in the open and upon spotting them they blow a whistle and tell the people not to do so.

If people still indulge in defecating in the open they are fined. These children are part of “Team Swachh” which is an initiative of UNICEF and a non-government organisation (NGO). It is pertinent to note that in the remote villages in Goa even though villagers are provided with public toilets, many still prefer to defecate in the open. Hence an initiative like that started by the children of the village in Chhattisgarh may be necessary in the state to prevent people living in the villages and near the beaches from defecating in the open.

Adelmo Fernandes, Vasco

Love is God

Many people in India, as like Goa, go to various places to search God, while searching everywhere they say we have not found God, at last. This is foolishness. According to my experience it is very easy to get God.

The examples are as follow:- 1. Love your neighbors from your heart, give him or her help in their difficulties, you will get god, because love is god and god is love. Very simple. You do this? Yes or no? 2. Wasting money for offering flowers, candles, agarbathi, milk to God, give that money to poor who really suffer, you will get god because love is god. 3. MLAs who promise before election and forget after election, should stop this and do good for your people, do good work in your constituency, you get God, because love is God. 4. All over India, politicians divide brothers and sisters in the name of religion, stop that first, because there is one god, one man. Religion, castes are made by human beings, stop killing, because Geeta, Quran or Bible does not teach us to do this, you kill animals not human beings. Stop all this because if you love somebody you get God, because love is God, and God is love, never forget this. 

There is no point in searching god here and there, God is everywhere, especially in our heart, love each other, one religion should love other religion, we all Indians should say, we all are of one, brothers n sisters of our Mother India. So show your love to each other, then you will get god, because love is god.

Edgar Martins, Chinchinim


Primary education

Primary education ‘should be in Mother tongue and also the grants’ goes the refrain. The mother tongue of Konkan, and specifically Goa, is Konkani. It is the mother tongue of probably 90% of Hindus and 98% Christians. Therefore grants should, logically speaking, be granted only to Konkani medium schools. Yet the fact remains that Hindus prefer to give their wards Primary Education, not in their mother tongue, but in Marathi. This has been so since the Portuguese era. Therefore grants should be given to Marathi Medium schools.

Having said that, it is equally true that Christians prefer to give their wards primary education, not in their mother tongue, but in English. Therefore the present stand of the Govt. is both equitable and fair. The stand of BBSM and their uncalled for references to Archbishop, Diocesan schools, 75:25, is nothing but RSS-driven minority baiting. By the way ask the well-to-do Hindus where they send their wards to.

JO Barneto, Margao

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