Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Elections are round the corner

Politicians polarise, segregate and divide the people on the basis of community, caste and religion across India and even in Goa, at the time of General or Assembly elections. More

Are we ever going to get freedom from Molestation?


Do Goans deserve this mess?

“Now that the polls bugle has been already blown, the hope and aspirations of Goans have taken a severe beating given the present political scenario. More

Irresponsible remarks against women

Samajwadi Party’s Maharashtra unit Chief Abu Azmi whilst reacting to the recent molestation of women on New Year eve in Bengaluru has reportedly said that the more the nudity, More

Trailor Budget

“PM’s announcements are not a ‘Mini-Budget’ says Venkaiha Naidu. Modi in his speech on TV on New Year's eve announced few sops for poor and middle class people - cheap home loans, More

New year: Take a Vow To change

Right from the moment of commencement of a New Year, deafening crackers reverberate across the midnight sky rendering horror in the vulnerable hearts of infant, children, senior citizens, sick and the animal world. More

Going cashless a curse

First it was demonetisation and now it is go cashless. More

What have you created today?

I asked a young artist friend of mine if he had done as I'd suggested earlier and visited the Serendipity Art Festival. More

The New Year phenomena


Expressing gratitude


Help Accident Victims


Child Trafficking in India


Some fish? No, thank you!


Corruption in the Police department


Lucre illusion or Reality?


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