Thursday, March 23, 2017

Are we ever going to get freedom from Molestation?

By | 08 Jan, 2017, 02:35AM IST

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The mass molestation that happened in Bengaluru has left us shell shocked and then you have some perverts blaming women again for this incident. Be it the dress of the women or them saying that women shouldn't go to unsafe placed. What I don't understand is for how long will the safety manual be only for women? Don't dress this way, don't walk that way, don't laugh too loud. I wonder will they soon come up with women shouldn't breathe as well?
Time and again movies have been made on these aspects that haunt women, the recent one being "Pink" in which the plight of women is clearly shown. People watch the movie and say wow what a movie but after a few hours the same behaviour keeps continuing. This issue has got highlighted only because it was mass molestation, every women am sure must have suffered eve teasing at some point in their life. But the problem is we don't talk about it, we need to. Keeping mum is not a solution and we must teach our kids be it girls or boys, from their childhood that women are not objects to be used but humans to be respected. While there are a lot of decent men out there it's the perverts like these that tarnish the male image and yes it's not only about males being ridiculed, women need to be taught to stand up for other women too. There's a lot one can write about this issue but what's important is to do things to stop this nonsense from happening ever again. Polio was eradicated long back from our country but sick mentality and molestation is a bigger handicap. Are we going to just keep being handicap?
We all need to stand united only then can a menace like this actually be eradicated from our society. It's molesters and eve teasers like these who turn into rapists. We hope that the harshest punishment is meted out to these culprits so that an example is set to the society at large and we as women truly get our freedom.