Saturday, March 26, 2017

Do Goans deserve this mess?

“Now that the polls bugle has been already blown, the hope and aspirations of Goans have taken a severe beating given the present political scenario.

By | 06 Jan, 2017, 12:03AM IST

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 Who would have imagined today that the Goan themselves (politicians) would bend so low to destroy Goa and Goans from their own soil? What achievements can we boast of governance that we see today?
It’s the worse situation evolving with no Goan party showing any decency of saving Goa from the clutches of monsters. Never ever we had imagined after attaining the statehood, this mess would be created by the Goans themselves who have sold their conscience and souls to unleash their selfish power of greed. The buzz all around Goa today is that no single political party will be ever able to secure people’s mandate-and a fragmented verdict will put Goa once again on a boil.
How long Goans will tolerate this mess on their turf? Where are the leaders who had in the past promised to give us a decent corruption free government and now hiding behind the veil? The growth of political parties today has made people wonder how everyone is promising us the moon without even clearing the dark clouds over our heads. How much can we ever trust the parties that have displayed their arrogance-who have corrupted the minds of every government department and agency. The mis-governance today is the order of the day when one visits any government office.  If you walk down the corners of any village what you hear is nothing but disillusionment of all political parties that made a mockery of peoples’ trust. 
Very few parties have their manifesto in place but how much can we trust the lust of the political leaders who have umpteen times failed us in the past? Honesty has been replaced by treachery. Why should the ghost of Marathi language still hover over Goans’ heads? Why is it that the Marathi Mogis cannot live peacefully in the Konknni Kingdom when they eat, drink and sleep Konknni at home? The recent lip service by the CM stating that there cannot be two languages in one state as mother tongue should not be too easily digested by Goans.
It’s high time we, the Goans have to do severe introspection and chose the candidate of our choice - check on their past and present and vote accordingly; and that is need of the hour! Failing we shall once again curse again and repent.