Saturday, March 26, 2017

Elections are round the corner

Politicians polarise, segregate and divide the people on the basis of community, caste and religion across India and even in Goa, at the time of General or Assembly elections.

By | 07 Jan, 2017, 12:00AM IST

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 It is said the politicians rule the country in India, the Constitution is secondary. The recent crossing of the floor by two legislators to the ruling party is no surprise. It is because these people have no principles, no ethics and no morals. They live for themselves and jump the fence because the pastures are greener on other side. Politicians who have been in corridors of power or enjoyed powers earlier, find extremely difficult to live without power and hence resort to all kinds of games. 
We have always harped time and again on the illegalities, scams in the UPA during its last decade of its governance. But whatever the BJP promised in its last election manifesto to the masses of India should be honoured. The issue of bringing back, black money stashed abroad prompted a landslide victory for the Modi Government in 2014 which in turn, gave a shot in the arm for the BJP governance in Goa. But as weeks, months and years passed by, Goans feel they have again been taken for granted. 
Prominent legislations declassifying coconut from the list of trees, legalising illegal structures,  trying to amend the Official Language Act which has already been decided in 1987 following the language agitation, non-shifting of casinos out of the Mandovi river are not in the interests of the Goans and this has been conveyed by the electorate to the government  which has ignored the electorate and with a thin majority of Opposition legislators the government had a field term of almost five years of governance of their choice.
Now the election date has been announced and the ball is in our court, to vote for a good and a clean government. Goans should avoid voting for political parties which promise financial benefits like interest-free loans or finance in anyway, because a few of the electorate will benefit and burden the majority. Time is come now for all Goans to think in the right direction and save our Goa. This election will be a turning point and if we Goans just let this opportunity go by we may in the near future,  have legislators from outside who will shape the future of Goa. 

may be someone from Karnataka or Maharashtra may become the CM of Goa in the near future and times to come Goa may be merged with any of the neighboring states. Goans, it is now or never. Rise to the occasion.