Saturday, March 26, 2017

Give Women due respect and equal treatment

By | 10 Jan, 2017, 02:30AM IST

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The main reason why we hear of growing number of sexual-related crimes against women in this country then that’s mostly because of our Bollywood movies which always go to excite our men by portraying all females as hot sex-objects on screen through their films and through their most sick item or sexy numbers.   
   The second reason is because of our law enforcers who also simply refuse to take any quick action or show any enthusiasm when it comes to tacking such women-centric crimes and due to which some men today think that it’s their birth right to carry any sexual assault on women without anyone’s fear almost everywhere.  
   The worst part is that today whenever such incidents of molestations, rapes etc take place, some of our elected leaders instead of condemning such incidents also keep blaming only the victims of such attacks by issuing their most irresponsible statements like “Such things are common and do happen” citing excuses of western clothes or influences.  There are others who mischievously go to say that “men will be men” just to give a big ‘thumbs-up’ for all the molesters, rapists etc of our country.  Now, what do such people really mean by “men will be men”? Just because some are born men, can they openly go and sexually assault all women in public behaving like those straying road-side dogs without even using their basic common sense?    
   I think that as long as the mindset of most Indian men do not change, this country which is trying to portray itself as a super-power will forever remain a third world country whether some people like it or not.  I therefore feel that if we really want to guarantee the safety of our women in this country then henceforth we need to give serious harsh punishment (5-10 years jail-term) for all the offenders or sex-maniacs and also for law enforcers who refuse to give justice for women victims just because their mindset is male/men-centric.  Let’s stop treating  women like hot sex objects and bonded kitchen slaves but let’s learn to give her equal due respect/treatment by living like civilized human beings and deporting all those who still believe in sexually assaulting women.