Saturday, March 26, 2017

Help Accident Victims

By | 29 Dec, 2016, 06:08AM IST

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It is observed that a video clipping of the unfortunate accident at the site of the new Mandovi bridge which resulted in the death of a welding operator has gone viral on the social media ‘Facebook’. The video which has probably been recorded by one of worker’s at the site shows the victim being pulled out of a tunnel and transported on to a waiting ambulance. 
In another photo posted on the social media recently, a victim of a road accident who had his hand totally damaged after it was caught between the car and the rocks by the road-side when the car scrapped against it also went viral. It must be said that it has now become fashionable for people to do video recording or click photos on their mobiles of victims of road accident with the sole aim of uploading them on the social media. These videos/photos are then shared by other people and groups on the social media and in no time it goes viral. Many a times clicking photos and video recording of the accident victim by the crowd, after the accident takes place, takes precedence over helping the unfortunate victim. 
We need to be sensitive towards the victim and provide help in some way or the other instead of merrily clicking photos or doing the video recording on the mobiles. This help could be by way of shifting the victim to the side of the road, providing water to drink and calling the 108 ambulance service. Imagine the plight of the victim who is in pain, and probably bleeding, watching people around him indulging in clicking photos or doing video recording instead of helping him/her. This seems like an inhumane act. 
The camera on the mobile can be used for good purpose also. It can be used in recording the number of the vehicle in case of a hit-and-run incident while the mobile can be used to call the ambulance. However clicking photos or video recording of accident victims with the sole aim of uploading it on the social media in order to get as many ‘Likes’ as possible is not a humane act at all. Posting of such photos/videos in no way helps the unfortunate victim. We need to be more sensitive towards the plight of others.