Saturday, March 26, 2017

Irresponsible remarks against women

Samajwadi Party’s Maharashtra unit Chief Abu Azmi whilst reacting to the recent molestation of women on New Year eve in Bengaluru has reportedly said that the more the nudity,

By | 04 Jan, 2017, 11:57PM IST

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the more a girl is considered fashionable.  Ants will swarm the place where sugar is.  He has also said that boys and girls should henceforth not be allowed to roam about together freely as this is western culture and due to which this whole thing should stop.   
   Now, in which world are all such leaders living and what exact message are they trying to convey for people by issuing their most irresponsible statements in our country?  Is it alright for a man to behave like a road-side dog if he finds a female moving around wearing western clothes or moving with a partner during late-night parties in a country like India? 
As a human being, shouldn’t a man have complete self-control over himself and also over his inner emotions? If a man cannot do such simple things and learn to behave like a human being then what is the difference between him and a road-side straying dog? Maybe, all such men who still believe in treating women as sex objects henceforth should be referred not as men but stray dogs in our country. 
   I think that the females of this country should seriously go to tie all known uncivilized backward thinking elected leaders for electric poles, hit them with 100 lashes and unleash red ants to teach them a hard lesson for repeatedly insulting women by making their most irresponsible statements to support the acts of all the molesters, rapists in our country citing flimsy excuses of clothes, western outfits etc….  Shame on such leaders….  Disgusting to see people in our country still electing such primitive-backward thinking uncivilized leaders and sending them in state Assemblies, including Parliament….