Saturday, March 26, 2017

The New Year phenomena

By | 31 Dec, 2016, 07:10AM IST

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If we look at the Universe, we observe a fixed pattern of its functioning: The sun will rise and set to bring in a day and night. This is put together in 365/366 days to make a year. With one rotation over, we celebrate New Year with fireworks display, peeling of church bells, honking, partying and dancing. Our hopes and aspirations run high, our dreams unlimited. This annual phenomena repeats every year and conscientiously or unconsciously we do it repeatedly. What is interesting to note is that the New Year turns old almost the next day and we are back to our old doings. With the same phenomenal behaviour, we will usher in New Year  2017(as usual) very soon. 
We pray that the New Year be good rather than we be the change to bring any good to make life worth living. But our wrong doings result in misery, hunger  and suffering. It's sad, after seventy years of independence our country is still illiterate and poor while politicians amass wealth and stash  money in foreign banks. Isn't this a mockery of governance in our country?
In Goa we will usher in the New Year with elections to choose a new government. The outgoing and homecoming has already begun in the political parties. The bandwagon jumping is a usual show during this time. Are we going to be the change to bring a change in 2017 or will we expect the New Year to work miracles for us?
Hopes are only aspirations; reality is what we make to happen. In this digital age, when we are so knowledgeable, we shouldn't be swayed by speeches, doles and manifestos of various parties but introspect in the interest of the State. Let us look for fresh faces who will have perception and vision for Goa, who will be selfless and dedicated Representatives of the sacredness the august House to protect Goa and the Goans that we walk with dignity and honour being citizens of a highly literate state of India. Let New Year 2017 be different from the previous we have been welcoming all these years in the past  merely as tradition. Let each one of us be the New Year in our good doings and usher into an era of meaningful living.