Thursday, March 23, 2017

Timely wake-up call

By | 09 Jan, 2017, 12:55AM IST

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Your article “Our vote for our Goa Herald speaks” on Herald is timely and extremely educative. Several points and issues that have been touched and expertly analysed, are very pertinent and need to be considered very seriously by all Goans, before they make up their mind while casting their precious votes. 
In fact every Goan must read it, to recall and refresh his/her mind and make a well considered decision. Hope that some more such informative articles will follow in the days to come to guide the electorate.
I have voted in the last many elections but I find this time voting for the right candidate very challenging and honestly I am yet to make up my mind to whom to cast my vote. Many like me are with the same predicament. They are struggling mentally to decide on the party as well on the candidate. After the last Assembly elections fiasco, the choice has become tricky given the past disappointing experiences. Getting a right government in place this time is of utmost importance. Till now all the governments had only vested interests and hardly any genuine concerns and priorities about  Goans at heart, except giving some doles and freebies, but hardly anything substantive.
Now with so many national parties in the fray with promises and schemes galore and also with a plethora of local parties vying to capture power, it becomes all the more complicated to make an educated choice and cast the vote  wisely without being influenced by tempting offers, fantastic promises and often intimidations. 
Ultimately it's the voters who are supreme and their votes are sacred and valued and should go to the right candidate. Remember that we shall get a government that we deserve and to get one for a competent and efficient people-centric administration, that will preserve our land for posterity, protect our environment by keeping it safe and pollution free, that will solve our endemic problems and not create more, we shall have to cast our votes sensibly with maximum caution and immense wisdom.