Saturday, March 26, 2017

What have you created today?

I asked a young artist friend of mine if he had done as I'd suggested earlier and visited the Serendipity Art Festival.

By | 01 Jan, 2017, 06:54AM IST

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He sheepishly replied that he'd asked around for passes but couldn't get his hands on any, at which point I burst out laughing telling him that's about as absurd as hearing that Sachin Tendulkar needed a pass to enter Wankhede stadium! I kid you not, this old soul is the next Mario Miranda and God willing, the guest of honour at the galas to come, but my question is, what about the rest of the youth? Our education system has glaring holes in its conceptual foundation, unwittingly pile-driving our diamonds into dust until they can be made into something financial viable.
Human beings are made in the likeness and image of the Creator, but where is the creativity? Enclosed in the well of creative energy that is Goa, where are the Picassos, the Mozarts, the da Vincis? Where are the Al Pacinos, the Einsteins, the Edisons? Creativity is a drug par excellence perhaps the only one humans cannot live without but our bodies and society have devolved to do without it, choosing instead to become disciples of destruction; Goa is a shrine of the same, with drugs, booze and a general lust for killing brain cells seducing the youth away from their true calling: Artistic lives.
"A person who works with his hands, head and heart is an artist", says St. Francis of Assisi. I fervently want to get this message out to everyone; You may not even be aware of the unique skill set(s) you were born with, but I guarantee that by virtue of being one with the ethereal muse that is Goa, soaked with the divine catalyst love and having responsive hands, minds and hearts, a revival of creativity in this land that has been in the stranglehold of destruction, is overdue.
Creativity brings self confidence, spirituality, joy, all strong life-principles that our kamikaze youth would have otherwise missed. Music acts as an indispensable codec here, linking the body to the astral plane. Sri Ravi Shankar's Silence Flute and Rajendra Teredessai's Sunrise Sermon will cement the divine instinct to do ordinary tasks with extraordinary fluidity and love, the basis of all art; Serendipity will do the rest, hence the peace filled and humble artist's credo, "Lord, help me to remember that my hands are Your hands, my work is Your work".