Herald: ‘Yogi style of governance not to happen in Goa’
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‘Yogi style of governance not to happen in Goa’

21 Mar 2017 08:06pm IST
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21 Mar 2017 08:06pm IST

Parrikar, Yogi different persons: Vijai

Shoaib Shaikh


PANJIM: Town and Country Planning Minister Vijai Sardesai is not overwhelmed with the BJP’s choice of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh as he sees a distinction between Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and his counterpart of Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking on the HCN’s Good Morning show, Vijai said “The support that we gave is not to Yogi Adityanath, we gave a letter of conditional support to Manohar Parrikar and I know there is a distinct difference between Yogi 

Adityanath and Manohar Parrikar.”

Disassociating himself with the decisions of the BJP and its activities outside the state of Goa, he said “The BJP has chosen in its wisdom Yogi Adityanath to be the CM of Uttar Pradesh and his first thing is he has trained his guns on corruption. He has asked all his ministers the details of their income and assets. So he has started on a good note.”

Stating that he is not much concerned what happens in Uttar Pradesh rather he is concerned more about what happens in Goa, Vijai further said “I represent a political party which is regionalistic. We are thinking only of Goa. We say Goa first, UP’s CM has no bearing on Goa. I think we need to solve Goa’s problems in a different way.”

Reiterating that the style of politics that Yogi Adityanath has been practising till now does any impact on Goa’s politics and political developments, he said “Goa has a distinct identity, distinct history and distinct politics, so Yogi Adityanath’s style of politics can never come to Goa and we are there to never allow it to come to Goa.”

However, when asked that it was the same BJP which months ago, Vijai was critical about and had called it a communal outfit, the newly inducted Minister said “The past is the past, the future is Goa first.”

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