Herald: After GMC, GU begins internal inquiry on exam bribery charge

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After GMC, GU begins internal inquiry on exam bribery charge

03 Nov 2016 06:34am IST

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03 Nov 2016 06:34am IST

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Calls Evaluation Committee meet; Registrar says matter is serious, sanctity needs to be maintained in academic sector; GMC Director (Admin) begins inquiry, resident doctors quizzed

PANJIM:  The impact of Herald’s story in the allegation of an MD student alleging that her results were withheld after a bribe was asked for by her seniors has spiraled into a major issue both in the GMC and the Goa University. 

Even as the government-ordered inquiry into the Goa Medical College-Goa University result bribery allegations began on Wednesday, Goa University also started its own internal inquiry into the matter.

Goa University has also convened an Evaluation Committee meeting on Friday to discuss the matter. “We have called for an Evaluation Committee meeting on Friday, and the records will be placed before the 

committee to decide the future course,” Officiating Registrar M Shreedhara told Herald.

He said that the internal inquiry into the matter has already begun so as to place the records before the Evaluation Committee. Shreedhara said that the Deans of all departments including Engineering and Medical are members of the Evaluation Committee.

“Prima facie we feel the allegations are serious as if there is a delay in declaring results there has to be valid reason,” the Registrar said. He said the university had a limited role in the matter as examiners have to submit the marks and university only declares the results.

Shreedhara said the allegations are of a serious nature but he cannot say what action would be taken. “It’s premature to talk of the action. Let the inquiry be completed, if there are any lapses, then GU has a procedure which will be followed,” he said.

Nonetheless, he said, “If the allegations are true it is serious. Sanctity has to be maintained in the academic sector.”

Before the report was first published the Herald reporter had approached the Controller of Exams Leo Macedo, who refused to talk saying, “I do not entertain reporters.”

Meanwhile, GMC Director Administration Sanjiv Gadkar has begun the inquiry, ordered by the Health department, into the bribery allegation in the Skin Department. “Yes, I have begun the inquiry and today (Wednesday) we questioned several resident doctors,” he said.

Asked when the HoD will be questioned, he said, “We will have to finish with resident doctors and then call him.”

Herald had reported that the result of one MD student in the Skin Department was on hold for a month and half while other results were declared.

According to students, a senior doctor in the Skin Department had allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs one lakh to declare the result.

The student is seven months pregnant and is being harassed by this senior doctor. 

The HoD has refuted allegations saying the delay was due to a revaluation of her marks, in her ineterst and nothing else.

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