Monday, February 27, 2017

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Calling NHAI

The recent LED fixtures on NH17 is a most welcome gesture. The bright lights illuminate the roads very well. But unfortunately much of the light is diffused, blocked by thick foliage spreading over the breadth of the road. More

Re-fix hanging cover

For more than 20 days, the outer cover of a focus lamp fixture over a electricity pole along the Dhawali-Top Cola route in Ponda has been lying in a hanging position. Such a sorry state of affairs ultimately depicts negligence on the part of the maintenance personnel deputed at this location. More

Let us keep Saloi clean

Known for its heritage and natural surroundings, Salvador do Mundo village, more affectionately called Saloi by the locals, is seeing the muck of garbage strewn everywhere at present, be it by the roadside, More

Irregular water supply at Siolim

Recently I lodged a complaint at the PWD (Phen) for irregular and acute water shortage supply faced by the public of Siolim. It is surprising after a good monsoon people of Siolim are facing the shortage since November and we still have three and half months to go with the summer. More

Coco beach in a shambles

The once pristine and clean Coco beach is a disgrace to a tourist state like Goa. Why has the Tourism Department neglected this beach completely? More

Guards needed for plants along Campal Road

It is observed that once again exotic plants have been planted along the road from Campal to Panjim city. More

Comba underpass inundated in summer

Be it monsoons or summer, this railway underpass at Comba Margao is always inundated with water sources of which is mysterious and also suspicious. More

The tale of 2 bridges: Moira needs urgent repairs, Mapusa needs widening
The tale of 2 bridges: Moira needs urgent repairs, Mapusa needs widening

Some bridges in Goa are very old and either require urgent repairs or need to be replaced with new ones More

Half-complete drainage

The Varca Panchayat has dug a drainage (which was not required) just in front of Armando Mansion, by side of the Varca Church. But the drainage is left half done. More

Dumping ground for stray dogs

As one climbs the hill from Mapusa and enters Assagao. one sees a board "Welcome to the village of Flowers". But as one travels further inside the village, you find groups of dogs lying on the roads and in open spaces More

Depressions on Vasco road inconvenience road-users

Deep depression on the Francisco Luis Gomes road which runs along the city of Vasco has been causing a lot of inconvenience to the road-users. More

Mapusa market poses threat to shoppers

Mapusa Municipal Market is dangerous to the busy shoppers, specially on Friday and Saturday, who come to do their weekly purchases. The threat to life of the people comes in the form of the two-wheelers moving around in the crowd posing danger those walking with their bags. More

Filthy Margao railway station

We have recently returned to Goa from a trip to Southern Maharashtra via Kudal railway station. My husband and I remarked for a low tourism, provincial railway station on how clean it was with men picking up garbage whenever possible from the platform railway lines. More

Power Department should be sued

BRICS brought about a lot of improvement in the power distribution lines along the Colva-Cavellossim MDR road but the Power lines on internal roads of the villages seem to be begging for attention from the Power department, the local bodies and the MLA. More

Be cautious! It’s khatra at Curti

Exposed transformers pose a serious threat to the lives of innocent pedestrians proceeding along the concerned routes. Seen in the picture is one such instance in the vicinity of Sai Service Pvt. Ltd. at Curti in Ponda. More

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