Herald: Water problems plague Benaulim, Loutolim locals

Water problems plague Benaulim, Loutolim locals

01 Apr 2016 06:08am IST
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01 Apr 2016 06:08am IST

Little or no water pressure in taps; Locals blame ongoing JICA work for issue; Despite govt officials checking the issue, situation hasn’t improved; Senior citizens most affected

Be it the ongoing JICA sewerage work or the restricted water supply to Salcete due to high levels of manganese content, two constituencies of Benaulim and Loutolim have been suffering from acute water shortage.

In Benaulim, the locals have complained that they go through evenings with little or no power supply and it is a problem for ground plus 1 bungalows or buildings due to the weak pressure.

While provisions for water supply in Cavelossim had been made via a water tank, the remaining villages of Varca, Orlim, Benaulim and Colva have been grappling with poor water supply.

Locals blame the ongoing JICA work as they claim that there has been damage to water pipelines which had created hurdles for water supply. Incidentally, Benaulim MLA Caitu Silva had raised the issue of slow pace of work by the PWD in the assembly.

“This problem has been going for on for a couple of months but lately it has worsened. Earlier after filing a complaint, the government officials had come and checked and the water pressure which is a major issue improved a little but the situation is still very bad,” said Konrad Rodrigues.

Senior citizens have complained that this issue has affected them greatly as they are unable to contact the officials to check on their personal connection and have been forced to adjust with water coming in for a few hours.

“We have to wait for the morning and fill our tanks buckets as later in the evening we have problems. This affects our entire cycle as we need to boil the water for drinking purposes or to coordinate with the maid who come in only at certain periods and we need to keep water,” said Imelda Rodrigues. 

Locals around Loutolim village in Nuvem constituency have complained that they have not received water for days at a stretch and the inconsistency in water supply has inconvenienced them tremendously.

Education institutions, boutique resorts, restaurants and residential complexes have lamented that complaints to the PWD has only been met with lip service.

PWD officials had stated that they were making provisions for residential areas living on hilly areas and blamed the hot weather conditions for the issues at the water treatment plant.

However, areas such as the Benaulim Monte, around Loutolim church etc have countered the PWD’s assertions and have said that in spite of not having received water for days there was no response.  

“We can only manage for one or two days without water with great difficulty but when this stretches for days then we facing a lot of problems and it is difficult to cope when there are lot of people staying at the house,” said Rohan Fernandes from Loutolim.

In Raia, locals said that the PWD should have made alternate arrangements either by water tankers or holding on the site inspections to check that water supply is provided immediately. 

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