Herald: Foreigners on ‘Nitol Goem’ mission!
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Foreigners on ‘Nitol Goem’ mission!

17 Feb 2017 02:33am IST
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17 Feb 2017 02:33am IST

Group of seven European tourists, who are presently residing at Mandrem, are holding cleanliness drive on the Pernem beach belt daily

A group of seven foreign tourists from Europe, who are presently residing at Mandrem, are holding cleanliness drive on the Pernem beach belt daily. 

With the concerned authorities turning a blind eye to clean the beaches along Pernem’s coastline, this group of foreign tourists have taken initiative and are contributing to Swachh Bharat-Nitol Goem from the start this tourist season.

The group members are Rebecca Anbust, Adam Carroll, Rowan Bellal, Simon Hallworth, Ron Kitchen, Kim Eddie and Camboll.

Rebecca Anbust said, “From October to March, tourists from across the globe visit Goa. Mandrem beach is known for its cleanliness. However with the increase in the number of tourists, this beach is losing its beauty due to noise pollution and garbage littered all along the beach. The workers who are engaged here to keep this beach stretch clean, only clean Morjim and Mandrem beaches and leave the Ashwem beach unattended. For this reason not many tourists revisit Ashwem.

“We have started cleaning of the beach from October and will continue to do so till the end of this season. We hand over the garbage to concerned local garbage contractor after the collection. With this, we also urge the Goa government to take initiative to clean the beaches only daily basis”.

A local said, “We feel proud that the tourists visiting Pernem beaches not only come to enjoy the beauty of Pernem but also contribute toward the society by donating books, clothes and money to poor and needy kids for their education and by keeping the environment clean.” 

To keep the Mandrem village clean, three years ago, the Mandrem panchayat had formed a Mandrem Garbage Management Committee, which at present collects 80 percent of garbage generated in the village on daily basis. 

Committee’s general secretary Adv Prasad Shahapurkar said, “This committee was formed three years ago and we have given contract to collect waste to the unemployed youth. The management has also floated a legal tender. Nearly 80 percent of garbage is being collected on daily basis and the committee has also taken the locals and businessman from the village into confidence to pay garbage collection fee.  The committee works under the guidance of sarpanch Vaishali Shirodkar with an aim to keep Mandrem clean &beautiful”.

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