Herald: On this stadium, it is a different ball game

On this stadium, it is a different ball game

12 Oct 2014 11:49pm IST
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12 Oct 2014 11:49pm IST
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Cansaulim TB Cunha sports complex compound wall yet to be rebuilt since the past one year


CANSAULIM: It is an unusual situation as a ball boy will now be needed outside the complex while spectators will have to be on their guard whenever a match is played at the Cansaulim TB Cunha sports complex.

With a major portion of the collapsed compound wall at the Cansaulim TB Cunha sports complex yet to be rebuilt since the past one year, players and officials have already begun to feel the strain with the first match having kicked off at the stadium on October 1. The ball easily rolls out of the stadium and at times, even falls into the adjacent creek.

According to a source, a portion of the compound wall adjacent to the creek had been washed away during the monsoon season last year.

“The collapse of the wall may be minor issue, but it is creating a lot of problems for players and spectators alike,” said the source.

“Last year, the overflowing creek had flooded the ground and had also flooded the gym in the sports complex building. Thankfully, such a situation did not repeat this year.”

“The collapsed portion of the compound has also weakened the spectators stand. The top platform has cracked and is in a precarious condition.”

“We are concerned as the sports complex will witness GFA matches shortly after the ground hosted the first state-level school football match on Wednesday,” added the source.

Razor Rodrigues, a football player, also agreed that the missing wall has made it difficult to hold matches at the Cansaulim sports complex.

“It is sad to see authorities concerned not working on reconstructing the wall as the sports complex boasts of majestic exteriors and equally good interiors. Due to a large gap in the compound wall, the ground staff has had to run to get the ball every time the ball has rolled out of the stadium and sometimes, into the adjacent creek,” said Rodrigues.

Agnelo Fernandes of Cansaulim stated that the sports department should have taken sufficient measures to maintain the infrastructure, especially since the ground staff has been working tirelessly to keep the ground in top shape.

“The compound wall opposite to the collapsed wall has also become weak as cracks have appeared. The wall could collapse any time and could injure the ball boys or any player during the match,” said Fernandes.

Demanding immediate repair of the damaged walls, a group of locals have suggested that the authorities should fit side nettings on the wall to prevent the ball from falling into the adjacent creek. 

When contacted, a source in the office of Environment Minister and local MLA Alina Saldanha clarified that the ground did not come under the purview of the panchayat or the MLA. 

“The jurisdiction falls with the sports department. However, Saldanha had taken up the matter with the sports director,” the source said.

Cansaulim Sarpanch Josita Cardozo also stated that the panchayat had no role to play in the sports complex.

When contacted, Taluka Sports Organizer Mangal Laad said they were aware of the situation. “We have brought it to the notice of the Directorate of Sports and Youth Affairs and it should be resolved soon,” said Laad. 

When asked about the delay in reconstructing the damaged wall, Laad said the matter would be addressed by Asst. Physical Education Officer, Kumbhav. However despite efforts, Kumbhav could not be contacted to comment on the delay in rebuilding the damaged wall.

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