Herald: GMC underpass underutilised
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GMC underpass underutilised

20 Mar 2017 07:33pm IST
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20 Mar 2017 07:33pm IST

Pedestrians, patients and students avoid the subway due to fear of anti-social elements

Shoaib Shaikh


The underpass at the Goa Medical College and Hospital (GMC) junction remains underutilised by commuters, despite crores of rupees being spent to complete the underpass. 

The underpass below the NH 17, which facilitates movement of vehicles and also has a pedestrian path between the GMC and the Goa Dental College, is rarely used by people. However, some motorists are seen using the road during the day time.

Constructed at the cost of nearly Rs 20 crores, the underpass was conceptualised to avert the risk taken by pedestrians while crossing the busy NH 17 at the GMC junction. However, pedestrians, including the patients and their relatives, students of GMC, Goa University as well as the students from the institutes situated at the Cujira school complex are rarely making use of the underpass.

The most suspicious part of the underpass though is the shops located underneath. The area has become a gallery for the anti-social elements with several complaints registered against the misuse of this area.

When Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC), the project implementation authority, was contacted, a senior official said that despite advertising the shops have not been taken up.

“We had issued tenders but there have been no takers for the shops. We cannot provide any specific reason for the shops not being taken”, the officer stated.

Meanwhile, among the few of the commuters who risk their lives crossing the busy stretch of the four-lane highway, a female student at the Goa University pointed that the security inside the underpass remains a big question mark.

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