Herald: Goan beaches, now a dumping ground for garbage

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Goan beaches, now a dumping ground for garbage

06 Sep 2016 06:16am IST
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06 Sep 2016 06:16am IST

After the government stopped the beach cleaning contract, Goa’s beaches are being used by fishermen to leave their unwanted fish; garbage is also piling up leaving the city beaches stinking


Goa beaches have become free dumping grounds for garbage after the government stopped the services of the beach cleaning contractor.

The only beaches of the state’s capital, Miramar and Caranzalem, which are visited by most of the tourists visiting Panjim, are in a very dirty condition. The entire Caranzalem beach is filled with the dead fish and poisonous snakes left by the fishermen after their fishing trips in the monsoons. 

Plenty of stray dogs are now heading towards the beach to eat the leftover fish causing inconvenience to the general public and tourists. The beach also emanates foul smell as some snakes and fish are decomposed. 

The Miramar beach is full of dirt and the plastic wrappers, as cleaning activities have come to halt. In absence of dust bins on the beaches the people have been throwing the garbage and waste on the open beaches. 

Besides the garbage and dead fish the beaches are more dangerous as at many places the liquor glass bottles have been thrown everywhere. It is also noticed that some of the bottles were purposely broken and dumped on the beach. 

Both the beaches, Miramar as well as Caranzalem, are used by the joggers and senior citizens for a walk in the evening. Many of the athletes were also seen using this beach for their practice. 

“It has been almost three months we have been facing the problem on the beach especially in the monsoon after local fishermen start their fishing activities which leaves lot of unwanted things on the beach,” said Shantaram Gaonkar, a senior citizen from Caranzalem. 

Both the dirty beaches have affected large section of the society in the capital of the state.

Goa Police have said that the PCR vans regularly patrol in the areas which are noticed by them where the local youths sit in the evening for consuming alcohol. 

“It is a duty of the government as well as local civic body to keep the public places clean. CCP should intervene in the matter in case of any issues with the beach cleaning contract,” said Dharmesh Rawal, one of the joggers. 

He blamed local body for sidelining such an important issue which affects locals as well as tourists who are arriving in this coastal state for the love of Goan beaches.        

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