Herald: BJP, MGP to battle it out in Ponda

BJP, MGP to battle it out in Ponda

24 Dec 2016 07:09am IST
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24 Dec 2016 07:09am IST

The alliance that ruled Goa for the past term may not join hands in the next hustings with both the parties likely to go separate ways in March next year


The MGP-BJP alliance is still on hold and the way things are going on at present the coalition appears to be a far cry.

When Herald conducted a survey, many people feel that there will be no alliance for the forthcoming Assembly polls since both the parties will be fighting against each other, unlike when it was a joint battle to fight the Congress.

Some said that those who favoured an alliance and are not happy with the BJP will switch to the MGP-BBSM coalition because of the Medium of Instruction (MoI) issue. Others feel that both (MGP and BBSM) may contest separately and form an alliance post elections.

While some people blamed both the parties (BJP and MGP) for failing in developments work and well as providing jobs to locals.

Comparatively BJP is strong in their organisational set-up even though it has less number of followers while the MGP lacks such organisational set-up. However, since it is the oldest regional party it has a huge number of supporters.

Though there were fights in the alliance the narrow bridge issue at Khandepar is solved with NH work starting with the construction of a new bridge and the widening of the bypass road in Ponda. The Sewerage work is also progressing well in the taluka, people said.

MGP has already declared Lavoo Mamledar as its Ponda candidate while the probable BJP candidates include side Sandeep Khandeparkar and Sunil Desai. BJP party president Vinay Tendulkar and Councillor Venkatesh Naik are also being considered.

Ponda Constituency has total 29175 voters with males comprising 15013 and females 14162. Ponda Constituency consists of Ponda Municipal Council and Curti Khandepar Panchayat.

According to Ganesh Naik after the MGP-BJP differences, development in Ponda was halted to a significant extent and after their strained ties a clear divide is seen among both party workers. But sitting MLA Mamledar, people say, is responsible for not providing jobs to Pondaiites. He is also blamed for not solving the traffic and parking issues but others feel that the BJP government failed to provide necessary funds to improve the situation. The MLA claims that Rs 1200 crores have been spent in the constituency with the bulk going towards the widening of the NH and construction of the Khandepar bridge.

According to Deepak Gaonkar from Khandepar since BJP workers are mostly attached to party they will never go away and vote for others but some votes lean towards the MGP and BBSM because many BJP workers are also of opinion that at Primary level MoI should be in local languages for better education.

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