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Abandoned by locals, revived by tourists

Tourist boat operators discovered a secluded beach to take their clients too; the unnamed beach was christened Monkey Beach; accumulated garbage is now creating a problem

By | 08 Dec, 2016, 06:20AM IST

Abandoned by locals, revived by tourists
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Located between two hills and right below the National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research (NCAOR) at Headland Sada, Monkey Beach has become popular among tourists. A large number of domestic and foreign tourists visit the short beach stretch daily. 
Interestingly, this perhaps is the only beach in Goa where hardly any locals venture. The path leading to the beach is through a hillock and locals find it difficult to venture down to the shore. But, water sports operators have been exploiting this beach.
“Initially we had no idea about this beautiful beach, and whenever we used to take our guests on an island trip we wanted a site where we can take our boats so guests could spend some leisure time after tiring from adventure activity at sea including snorkeling. To our luck we found this small beach stretch which not only provides safe landing facilities to our boats but has beautiful surrounding with shallow waters and a spring releasing sweet water,” said a tourist boat operator.  
The beach name also has an interesting history. “Before 2004, the beach had no name and it was difficult for us to inform our guest about the beach. To overcome this confusion, we boat owners named it Monkey Beach and since then it is so known. It is currently used solely by tourist boat operators,” said another tourist boat operator. 
While the beach has been getting a large number of visitors, another problem that has surfaced is the increasing garbage menace. “We used to take our guests, especially foreign guests, to this beach. But since last year we have stopped due to the increasing garbage menace as foreign tourists don’t like to spend their leisure time amid garbage created by domestic tourists. I feel that something needs to be done to eliminate garbage problems at this beach,” said one Alex, who works for a tourist boat operator from North Goa.