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Cuncolim’s picture of neglect

22 Dec 2016 09:01am IST
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22 Dec 2016 09:01am IST
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Over Rs 30 crores have been spent to construct various projects in the municipal area, all of which are not properly maintained

Government and Cuncolim Municipal Council have spent more than Rs 30 crore to construct various projects of which 12 were inaugurated from 2002 to 2012. Of these, nine belong to CMC while three come under government departments.

All the dozen projects have been neglected by CMC and government departments with five of them not even completing five years.

Due to lethargic attitude of both Municipal and government authorities these public utility projects have become an eyesore. 

During the Congress Government the then Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao brought various projects to Cuncolim under the Goa State Urban Development Agency (GSUDA). To bring all vendors under one roof the GSUDA constructed a huge market complex eight years back. This market complex, which has more than hundred odd permanent vendors, is being visited every day by 1000 visitors to make purchases. But the condition of the complex is in shambles with poor toilet facilities. The gent’s toilet is permanently closed and the ladies section is in such a bad state that no lady prefers to use the facility.

The complex is always dirty with no one to clean the facility. At the end of day on Sunday, all chicken, mutton and vegetable waste is strewn all over the complex.

There is a provision to stare the waste but surprisingly the CMC has illegally allowed some vendors to store their onions in the place allocated for waste.

People wonder whether the Council will ever open the men’s toilet and find a solution for the wet waste.

After fulfilling another pending demand the government constructed a Community Hall in Cuncolim. However, the hall is in a sorry state of affairs with the roof leaking and no proper air-ventilation. Because of these shortcomings, there are no takers for the Community Hall. This Community Hall neither has AC nor seating arrangements.

Along with this project, CMC with help from GSUDA, has constructed a Multipurpose Indoor Stadium. The fencing sealing of this indoor hall collapsed long back. The Indoor stadium has two wooden courts with both in unplayable condition. Surprisingly all the gym equipment has disappeared from the stadium.

Five or six years back the government had constructed a Freedom Fighters Memorial near the bus stand. This artistic memorial had a small Children’s park. After six years this Memorial has turned into a place which shows disrespect to freedom fighters. All the playing equipments in the children’s park are damaged and beyond use. 

Will the council take steps to clean and maintain this respectful memorial, citizens ask. The synthetic walking track, which was made available by spending about Rs 20 lakhs, is damaged and needs urgent repairs.

Some years back CMC has installed garbage treatment plant at Industrial Estate. Council had spent more than Rs 2 cr  for this project. CMC is also doing house to house garbage collection and charging fees from locals but unfortunately from the garbage treatment plant is not working for the past two years. The wet and dry garbage is piling up at the plant with CMC no showing any signs of getting it repaired.

Sources from the CMC disclosed that the Council has no funds and are waiting for government funds.

Though the Council is lacking finance, the government is constructing and inaugurating more projects. One side the Council is forced to do circus to manage their daily expenses and on other side more and more projects are in being put in the pipe line. Residents now ask if the CMC and the MLA will sit together and find out a permanent solution to solve these problems.

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