Saturday, March 26, 2017

Cuncolim Market turning into a garbage dump

The vendors scatter their waste all over the market place; place allotted for dumping of waste is used by shopkeepers to store their merchandise

By | 29 Dec, 2016, 08:00AM IST

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Cuncolim Municipal Council market area’s drainage is turning into a gutter and garbage dump for vendors due to which market is stinking.
Municipal Council had constructed a wide duct passing through the market to drain out the rain water into river. This drain has now turned into a garbage dump and looks like a gutter filled with polluted stinking water. The drainage is overloaded with market waste – from chicken, fish and vegetable waste. The Cuncolim Municipal Council has failed to clean this mess. The Council had cleaned this drain before the monsoon. However, seven months has elapsed and the drain has been forgotten and neglected by the Council.
This drainage is turning into a site for mosquito to breed. During the Sunday market all those vendors coming from Belgavi go for open defecation near this drainage and after the market hours they dump their leftover waste in this drainage. Due to this dumping the drain is blocked and water does not flow out. The market place stinks because of this rotten waste. 
The Council has appointed two supervisors to see the cleanliness of market. Despite the supervisors to look after the cleanliness of the market, the vendors just dump the waster haphazardly all around the market.
Local shop owners told Herald that there are no toilets at Market Complex and the vendors who come for Sunday market at night time and sleep overnight in the market. Local shopkeepers urged the Municipal Council not to allow these vendors to stay at market during the night. If the municipal authorities allow them to sleep overnight, the shopkeepers say, the Council should provide them toilets and sanitary facilities.
Local vendors told Herald that Council workers keep chicken waste in the open at the entrance of Market Complex. In fact there a shed has been demarcated to dump the garbage in bins but some vendors are occupying the shed illegally to store their goods.
Will the Cuncolim Municipal Club clear this mess as early as possible is the question locals are asking.