Herald: Fatorpa - place for pilgrimage of peace, faith and unity
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Fatorpa - place for pilgrimage of peace, faith and unity

15 Dec 2016 07:09am IST
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15 Dec 2016 07:09am IST

Shree Shantadurga Cunkalikarin is known all over Goa as ‘Angoni Devi’ with people of all faiths flocking to Fatorpa for peace and religious unity

Shree Shantadurga Cunkalikarin gramdevi (goddess of locals) of Cuncolkars is known all over Goa as a Goddess of Faith, Peace and Love and above all known as “Angoni Devi”. People of all faiths throng to the Shree Shantadurga Cuncolikarin Temple in Fatorpa for peace. The temple provides a unique religious unity. Over 435 years have passed since the “Angoni Devi” is being worshipped and devotees seek her blessings.

There is, however, a history behind the deity. Somewhere in 1580 the Idol of Shantadurga was shifted from Cuncolim to Fatorpa. During the Portuguese regime there was fear of conversion and Hindus were scared that their deities would be desecrated and temples demolished. This fear forced Cuncolkars to shift the goddess to Fatorpa which was considered the safest place.

After shifting the Goddess to Fatorpa Cuncolkars fought a long battle with the Portuguese. Thousands of Cunkalikarin followers do not start any work without taking ‘prasad’ from the goddess. Goddess Cunkalikarin is also known as Angoni devi. Devotees ask blessings and keep their wishes in front of the goddess with a belief that whatever is asked in deep faith is granted.

Cuncolim has a unique history as both Hindus and Catholic converts have blood links. Fatorpa Temple, Cuncolim Church and Sociedade de Gaonkar have a same 12-clan Vangod System. Many Catholics also have deep faith in Cuncolikarin who is known as Mamai Saibin and seek her blessings during the annual zatra and also actively participate in Sotreo (Festival of umbrellas).

Every year on Panchami day in the month of Phalguna, devotees bring Devi’s Image by procession, led by 12 colourful vangods, to Cuncolim the original place of the deity.

Now after 435 years this temple is become famous not only in Goa but also in the neighbouring States. Shantadurga Temple also features in State Tourism map. 
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