Thursday, March 23, 2017

Madganvkars repose faith in Diggu for 7th time

Digambar Kamat polled 12105 votes winning by a margin of 4176 against BJP’s Sharmad Raiturkar who received only 7829, proving he is the man to carry forward Goa’s commercial capital

By | 16 Mar, 2017, 07:29PM IST

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As the hangover of the elections and results 2017 subsides, the statistics that have emerged lately from Margao voting are quite clear that Digambar Kamat the MLA of Margao has been and is here to stay. Digambar had fallen short of lead in the Municipal elections in 10 polling stations but has this time gained back in all of them against the BJP candidate. 2012 was the hardest time for the grand old party of Congress in Goa. Congress being in the majority was voted out reduced to a helpless minority of 9 MLAs. This was the BJP wave then and the huge anti incumbency against Congress Government.
However, the anti incumbency and BJP wave last election did not affect the prospects of the person who was at the centre of all the blames. A closer look at the strategy of Margao's Baba and his success is the excellent micromanagement. In all his 7 stints as MLA of Margao one very significant role is played by his quality of man to man marking and management of drifted votes.
The office of the Margao MLA has all the data of the persons who he gave Government jobs, their contact numbers, their family details and others. This comes handy while wishing them or conveying sympathies to them.