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Outsiders pollute Polem beach

The panchayat, which gets huge revenue from taxes, fails to clean the beach filled with shards of glasses left by visitors after consuming alcohol

By | 29 Dec, 2016, 07:58AM IST

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The Loliem-Polem Panchayat is one of the richest panchayats in the Canacona taluka according to the DPR – Status VP-2). The panchayat is also ranked at No.7 in Goa in terms of revenue generation and per capita income. However, it lacks when it comes to the collection of garbage and beach cleanliness, say many residents.
According to local residents Vaibav Bandekar and Ratnakar Naik the Polem beach had been isolated but steadily visitors have begun arriving in good numbers, particularly on week-ends. The visitors are mostly from the neighbouring state of Karnataka. The reason why they frequent the Polem beach may be because of the cheap liquor available and the freedom to enjoy their drinks at the beach.
Residents regret that the clean-up of the beach has never taken place despite the authorities generating huge revenue by way of taxes.
There are shards of broken bottles scattered all over the beach which potentially can hurt when one walks in the sand. This fearful situation must be corrected by the concerned authorities with regular beach cleaning, they added. 
Vaibav Bandekar told Herald said that it is banned to drink liquor in the open but this rule is not being followed seriously in Polem by the visitors who tend to sit by the road-side on the village approach roads and consume alcohol freely.
Due to this reason, after getting down from the bus on National Highway, the village women and girls do not feel safe and are scared to walk down through the approach road to reach their home on beach area.
“There is a need that this approach road from National Highway till the beach be monitored by the police to keep a strict vigilance, particularly after 5.30 pm. If not, it is feared, it might cause an unpleasant incident, involving village women and girls one day,” Bandekar added.
Smuggling of liquor from Loliem-Polem village Panchayat to Karnataka via  the road  has also increased, due to non-functioning of high-tech cameras (most of the time) at the border of Polem-Canacona check post.
Goa is famous for good quality country liquor, but also Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and so there is a huge demand for Goan liquor in Karnataka and other neighbouring states.
Vaibav Bandekar and Ratnakar Naik also pointed out that stray dogs menace has reached to a stage where even the locals are scared to go for a stroll on the beach.