Saturday, March 26, 2017

Powerless Nuvem cries in the dark

A flood of issues starting with the destruction of paddy fields due to the bypass, non-functioning light poles, and no repair of roads dominate discourse

By | 08 Dec, 2016, 06:20AM IST

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NUVEM: Nuvem’s Sunday gram sabha, led by its new sarpanch Conceissao Colaco, had a single point agenda, that being of a neglected constituency. 
The lights have gone off
“New poles and lights were installed all over the constituency but ultimately went bad and stopped working. The panchayat said it had no fund to fix them and the constituency and the areas of Nuvem panchayat have been in the dark since then. Now the internal roads have deteriorated but nobody seems to be doing anything about the roads,” said Estaquio Vaz, one of the 11 panch members of Nuvem Panchayat.
Western bypass & destroyed paddy fields
Similarly Jose Roque Noronha from Nuvem spoke about the destroyed paddy fields and the surrounding greens. Noronha in a letter to the panchayat raises concerns of the height of the new Western bypass that cuts through Nuvem’s fields despite not having the correct Environment Impact Assessment reports. “The road is almost five meters high, our cattle will face a lot of difficulty to reach their grazing space because of this heightened highway. Also, pipes instead of culverts are laid for waterways and this will lead to flooding. This highway needs underpass for people to walk and cross and even a flyover across the new highway to drive from Nuvem to Majorda,” Noronha says.
Colaco, speaking to the media for the first time after taking over as sarpanch under Wilfred (Babashan) D’Sa’s panel, a rival to Nuvem MLA Francisco (Mickky) Pacheco asserted that the WRD and the Highway Authority have agreed to look into these issues andhave assured starting construction of the underpass and building culverts.
“The problem is in Nuvem all roads are tendered and advertisements have appeared in the papers but the PWD says that the works won’t be executed and the roads will not be fixed before elections. Seems like this is because Mickky is not with the government,” asserted Vaz.
But Pacheco turned around and blamed the panchayat for all the lacunae. “The people of this panchayat elected me as their MLA but the Nuvem panchayat has never approached me with proposals or raised issues to me and then they say I don’t do enough for them.”