Herald: Reginaldo hopes he has dialled D for development, needs to convince Curtorkars again
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Reginaldo hopes he has dialled D for development, needs to convince Curtorkars again

29 Dec 2016 07:59am IST
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29 Dec 2016 07:59am IST

Sewerage, unemployment, beautification of lakes, public transport and better roads on top of the bucket list

Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco has neither father Francisco nor son Shalom as his rivals, but to get a smooth return passage to the Assembly, he needs to go back to ordinary Curtorkars and pitch them the development plank yet again 

But trying to break ground in Curtorim is the former Margao Municipality Chairperson, former councillor from Borda and now councillor from Aquem, richest but unsuccessful candidate from 2012 polls none other than Arthur D’Silva.

Reginaldo’s real problem is the split of votes that he would like to avoid especially Similarly once friend turned foe, 10-year Rachol sitting Sarpanch Joseph Vaz who has a huge ST support and who has campaigned for Reginaldo for many years is also in fray for the polls and is looking at contesting. These two vote splits and the Housing Board vote bank factor in the Curtorim constituency could change the scenario for Reginaldo.

While there is no doubt that the MLA has indeed played good Samaritan by lending farming equipment to many and stepping into help people at police stations and in hospitals, Curtorim still needs some urgent civic course corrections

“Curtorim is a very backward constituency and has seen little development though it’s an adjoining constituency to Margao town and Fatorda constituency. I wish the village has better educational facilities and better connectivity through public transport instead of the erratic bus schedule that affects education and employment opportunities in Margao,” stated Rita Pereira, a young lady who lives in Macazana but works in Verna and depends on the buses that get her back from work even as late as 8 pm.

Similarly Curtorkars have issues with growing bungalows in the village and the sewerage flow besides no employment opportunities “Our roads are the same since Liberation and never widened. The walls of Curtorim’s many lakes and rivers are crumbling and falling. Curtorim lacks a proper market and tinto. In Maina, people sell their fruits and fish on the main road. We wish the MLA saw this and not just the tractors that he provides,” exclaimed Daniel Estibeiro from Curtorim.

Certain residents of Curtorim want an MLA with a strong hand who will have the will to curb the alcohol and drug abuse, and increasing goondagiri by the unemployed youth and the seafarers who’re down for holidays. They hope this scenario that makes others in the village unsafe is curbed. 

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