Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vijai’s alliance is a win-win situation for Fatorda: Damu

Goa Forward Party’s founder Vijai Sardesai triumphed over BJP’s Damu Naik by1334 votes and joined hands with the saffron party to form the government; the losing Fatorda BJP candidate, however, says he’s happy that his rival has realised that the saffron party is for development of Goa

By | 16 Mar, 2017, 07:30PM IST

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The Bharatiya Janata Party Fatorda candidate who was defeated by Goa Forward Party MLA Vijai Sardesai has decided to build a house out of the brick bats. Damu Naik instead of calling his defeat and GFP Vijai inclination and alignment to BJP as a double blow has decided to call it a double win. Damu says Fatorda BJP will keep on functioning.
Herald had a chat with Damu to know how he was handling the double whammy of his loss and his party pairing with his electoral rival. Damu stated, "Party is supreme and development of the State of Goa is supreme. But on a brighter note it’s a good thing that he (Vijai) realised that only BJP can develop the state, and has agreed to it and joined hands with BJP.”
When asked how he sees his loss as far as statistics vis-a-vis performance is concerned, he said, "It’s a win for BJP as Vijai has gone up by only 100 votes compared to 2012 election and Damu has increased his lead by over 1000 votes. However, it is equally a fact that if we had to push a little harder we would have breached the majority mark."
 "We have kept the flag of BJP in Fatorda high and will continue to do so," Damu added.
While explaining how it is statistically a win, Damu said "Despite a split in alliance with MGP & GSM and also not being a MLA I still have gained and won is what I say.”
"Our main motto is Congress-free India and by this change of events it is a win-win situation for BJP in Fatorda. I won’t care who speaks on the results as I don’t want to comment and upset the good that has happened," said Damu.
When asked whether BJP aligning with GFP and Vijai has hurt him, Damu said, "No, why should I? Because it is a number game and he presently has 3 in his party. It is because of 3 that BJP has got to align, and if we had numbers why would BJP align?"
Damu said that the work of his team will continue as “nowhere in Goa has the existing party of the past closed its operation after loss or alignment.”
"The circumstances have created the scenario today and if he is convinced that BJP is important for development then it can’t be questioned by anyone," added Damu.
When asked whether Vijai’s steady votes and his aligning is a sign of BJP's strength, Damu said, "Definitely BJP is an organised cadre-based party and has principles and ideologies and has the capacity to continue longer with endurance."