Tuesday, March 01, 2017

Streets in Desterro area of cleanest town filled with sewage

17 Feb, 2017, 01:55AM IST

Streets in Desterro area of cleanest town filled with sewage
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Team Herald

VASCO: Though the port town of Vasco has been ranked as the cleanest city in Goa, the ground reality is quite different.
The residents in Desterro have been suffering due to a faulty sewerage system with sewage overflowing on main streets, posing serious health hazards to the residents.
The problem was reported to the sewerage department officials by Desterro residents few days ago, but since then the situation has become worse. 
Even the parish priest of Our Lady Desterro Church has demanded immediate action by the authorities, who he alleged, have been playing with the health of people by not stopping the sewage overflow.
According to the residents, the sewage chamber located on the main pathway started overflowing two days ago, leaving the residents as well as faithful visiting church and students studying in church school to face severe hardships. They said that the complaint to sewage department official has been futile.
“We feel that the sewerage department officials have literary become blind and deaf to our hardships. They are sleeping over our complaint,” said an agitated resident from Desterro.
Similar concerns were raised Parish Priest Fr Lourdinho Anthony Rodrigues, who appealed to the sewerage department officials to resolve the issue before overflowing sewerage affects the health of the people living or visiting Desterro. 
“As we have a Church and school, besides the thickly populated residential area at Desterro, I feel that the sewerage department should not delay in resolving the issue as in the past many people from Desterro had fallen victims to dengue fever,” he said.