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Wilfred Mesquita set to quit BJP, writes to PM over inducting ‘branded corrupt people’

12 Jan 2017 03:33am IST
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12 Jan 2017 03:33am IST

Are the gates of dishonesty wide open in BJP now? Mesquita’s letter bomb to Modi asks; attacks BJP over entry of Mauvin and Madkaikar; says Shripad or IB or CID can certify his allegations

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PANJIM: With less than four weeks to the Assembly elections, senior BJP leader, spokesman and former vice president Dr Wilfred Mesquita has knocked on the doors of Prime Minister Narendra Modi deeply upset about “corrupt” practices adopted by the Goa unit.

Dr Mesquita, who is the NRI Commissioner of Goa and widely respected in the party, is likely to resign on Thursday (today). In his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, dated January 6, he attacked his party over the entry of former Congress MLAs Mauvin Godinho and Pandurang Madkaikar, the likely BJP candidates from Dabolim and Cumbharjua respectively. According to Mesquita, the entry of the two Congress rebels and ending ties with MGP may prove costly to the BJP in the elections.

“I am writing this letter with a deep sense of anguish as I bring to your notice how the party in Goa functions, exactly in diametrically opposite direction to your vision of India, of your slogans which most of the time stir India’s soul,” Mesquita said in his letter, a copy of which has been sent to BJP national president Amit Shah and Goa State party President Vinay Tendulkar. 

“Fighting for a systemic change, cleaning the economy to free the country from corruption, bringing crooks to justice, punishing the politicians who use black money and generate black money and many more changes are some of your avowed objectives. In Goa, unfortunately the opposite happens,” Mesquita wrote. 

Dr Mesquita, a former Minister, said he joined the party a decade ago, as he believed that a non-performing government had to be replaced by a performing one that held out hope of honesty, transparency and good governance. 

“Years later, BJP came to power in Goa with four cardinal promises: strong commitment to fight corruption (with the slogan of zero tolerance for corruption), a regional plan inclusive of environment protection; permanent solution to the issue of medium of instruction and protection to the weaker sections of society (tenants of land in particular),” he said. 

“Alas, not one of the above has been fulfilled. On the contrary, the tenants of land have been hit the hardest with the transfer of their litigations from inexpensive revenue courts to expensive civil courts,” he lamented.

Mesquita further said that the best example of political expediency of the party was the admission of two corrupt Congress MLAs, so branded by the BJP itself. “The two corrupt leaders, which apparently were a liability to Congress, were inducted in the party at the cost of breaking a tried and tested ideological BJP-MGP alliance, which could prove costly in the coming election,” he said.

Mesquita recalled how, BJP leaders, including then Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, used every platform, even the Assembly, to denigrate these two MLAs. “As a result, the BJP leaders in particular and the party in Goa in general have lost their credibility,” he stated. 

“The public now wonders whether these leaders are adapt in spreading falsehoods and lies and in character assassination with the sole aim of fooling them,” he added. 

The leader has sought that the Prime Minister seek details in regards to his allegations from Union Minister Shripad Naik or IB or CID.

The letter bomb and his likely resignation are likely to cause a mini political earthquake in the BJP due to the tone and bluntness of his attack on his party.


The core reasons for 
Mesquita’s decision 
to quit BJP
Excerpt from his letter to PM Modi
‘Years later, BJP came to power in Goa with four cardinal promises: 
1)  Strong commitment to fight corruption (with the slogan of zero tolerance for corruption)
2)  A Regional plan inclusive of environment protection 
3) Permanent solution to the issue of medium of instruction 
4) Protection to the weaker sections of society (tenants of land in particular Alas, not one of the above has been fulfilled
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