Thursday, March 23, 2017

Will Sanguem, Sanvordem, Curchorem, Quepem MLAs get cabinet berths?

These constituencies have not witnessed any of their representatives being elevated to the rank of cabinet minister since last three elections

20 Mar, 2017, 07:55PM IST

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Alfred Fernandes

SANGUEM: The four assembly constituencies of Sanguem, Sanvordem, Curchorem and Quepem have not witnessed any of their MLAs being elevated to the rank of cabinet minister since last three elections. While BJP had three of its representatives elected from Sanguem, Curchorem and Sanvordem in the last Assembly elections, neither of them were given a ministerial berth.
In the 2017 Assembly elections, all the four seats have been won by four different parties.  While the Curchorem seat has been retained by BJP’s Nilesh Cabral, the Quepem seat too has been retained by Congress candidate Chandrakant (Babu) Kavalekar for the fourth consecutive time. 
Prasad Shashikant Gaonkar who contested as an Independent got elected from Sanguem while MGP candidate Deepak Pawaskar won from Sanvordem.
The last time the Sanguem constituency witnessed its MLA as a minister was in 1994 when Pandu Vasu Naik was sworn in as Minister for Forest and Transport in the Congress-led government. Since then none of the MLAs elected from Sanguem have made it to the rank of cabinet minister.
Sanvordem constituency too has failed to get any representation since 2002. Though for most of the terms, the constituency has been won either by MGP or BJP except in 2007 the same was won by an Independent candidate late Anil Salgaocar. The constituency witnessed an MLA getting a ministerial berth in 2002 when Mr Vinay Tendulkar was appointed as Minister for Forest.
Curchorem too has failed to get any ministerial berth either in Congress or BJP government since last four terms. The last MLA from Curchorem to serve as a minister was Domnic Fernandes in 1994 when he was sworn in as Minister for Law and Judiciary, Inland Waterways and Information.
Quepem too did not find much favour in the formation of the list of the cabinet ministers. The last MLA from Quepem to be appointed as minister was Prakash Velip in 1999 and since then the constituency has also not seen any representation in the council of ministers.
With the second round of extension of the cabinet ministers is yet to take place, the people from Quepem and Sanguem have pinned hopes on Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar appointing  the two-time Curchorem MLA Nilesh Cabral in the list of cabinet ministers.