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Real fighters for a realm of issues

11 Jan 2017 02:52am IST
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11 Jan 2017 02:52am IST
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People connect helps, but one also needs to trudge that extra mile here for the issues are a bit tricky




Curtorim is just five km from Margao but unlike Navelim, Curtorim is still laid back, quiet, and is a one of a village of sorts. The constituency has a mix of people from farmers, to educated writers and architects, NRIs, seafarers and even many politicians.

MLAs in Curtorim mostly come for the long haul, former Chief Minister and former MP Francisco Sardinha was MLA six years and for over 25 years while sitting MLA Reginlado Lourenco has already completed two terms and has been MLA for ten years.

But the constituency still needs development. Sardinha won polls on a personal connect with people. Reginaldo took that personal connect to another level. Be it in providing people free tractors, harvesters, assistance during power cuts or free mobile morgues at funeral.

But many more real issues in Curtorim need to be addressed.

A villager shows us the illegal sand mining beyond maimollem, from the distributary of the river along the munshis; he also rides around to show us the filth at Maitollem, a lake in the interiors of Curtorim.

“Curtorim has changed. It’s no more a land of bhatkars. People have grown, their families have grown, properties have been divided, land is getting scarce and there is no backyard anymore to dump the garbage or burn it. It’s all being strewn on the roads. We house Sonsoddo for the people of Margao but nobody takes or collects our garbage,” explains angry Andrew Furtado who shows us the mess in the village.

Similarly the lacks of markets and underdeveloped tintos which are dirty, dilapidated and have no lights which forced traders and vendors to leave before 5pm is another sorry state in the constituency. Despite MLAs and MPLADs in the past, nobody seems to have solved these issues of markets for Maina Curtorim and Curtorim.

The AAP candidate Edward Vaz is a Japan returned local who’s promising to tackle Sonsodo while Reginaldo in whose tenure the SOnsoddo menace is still unresolved, says his work will talk

And now the third player player is BJP’s new face Arthur DSilva who in his first term as councilor of MMC became MMC Chairperson and boasts that he at least brought a private player  to build the Sondoddo garbage plant

BJP decided to migrate Arthur into Curtorim after ditching its last time ST face of Domnic Gaonkar who is a heavy machinery businessman and provided people with tractors, earthmoving machines and trucks.

“No doubt Reginaldo is approachable and does a lot in the constituency but Curtorim has very old infrastructure that needs to be addressed. In 2009, though,  Reginaldo build some bandharas through WRD to protect the lakes and rivers in the constituency,” explains Dhavine Dessai.

Edwin, reginaldo and Arthur will fight a three way open race and nobody is a vote breaker for the other.
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