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Yesterday’s village, today’s town

11 Jan 2017 02:51am IST
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11 Jan 2017 02:51am IST

Porvorkars want freedom from traffic chaos, incessant digging



PANJIM: Once a sleepy village located across the congested River Mandovi - Porvorim has witnessed remarkable changes in the last couple of years, literary rising into a town. Infrastructural development and beautification in the satellite town has definitely given the State’s capital city a complex. 

Housing the State Legislative Assembly, Secretariat, important government offices, a high-end shopping mall-cum-entertainment mall, starred resorts and villas; the residents are demanding an urban status. 

Similarly, Education Department, Directorate of Technical Education, Goa Board, and several educational institutions in addition to Kadamba Transport Corporation, Goa Housing Board and Goa Cricket Association among various prominent government departments and reputed housing localities have elevated its worth in the eyes of all. 

“Porvorim should be converted into a municipal area since it has undergone significant changes in the recent past. Recent projects have proved that Porvorim has become first choice for realty investors,” Tony Thomas, retired defence official told Herald. 

The ongoing construction of the third Mandovi Bridge has further raised its prominence even as the work has largely affected the smooth flow of vehicular traffic. Water woes and constant digging of the roads are expected to play a major role in the 2017 State assembly elections. 

Residing close to the new shopping complex, Thomas demands that the basic problems of the common man should be solved. 

“Porvorim’s expansion has led to immense traffic chaos. also, digging of roads and water woes have become a common phenomenon. We have seen that due to construction of the third Bridge, the roads were in horrible shape. It was smoothened little before the code of conduct was declared. Why the problems of layman not addressed during the non-polling time of year?” he said. 

His grievance was supported by a commuter who claimed that traveling becomes a nightmare during the monsoon season. 

“It is difficult to understand the potholed roads until your vehicle bumps into it. Two-wheelers are at major life risk,” MA (English) student Rishi said as he waits to pose the question to the candidates contesting from Porvorim. 

“The candidates campaign for votes during the election time. Their series of promises are forgotten or if the work is carried out, it is after much delay. We need a permanent solution,” he demanded. 

Comprising of Salvador do Mundo, Penhe de Franca and Socorro village panchayats, modern urban planning has put Porvorim in an upmarket residential hub category also as it lies on the prime Mumbai–Goa highway NH17.

With the Institute of Hotel Management and several private firms encouraging job opportunities, the flow of migrant population has increased rapidly. This, on the other hand, has given several house owners to rent out their premises. 

However, the prime cause of concern for Porvorikars is yet again - massive traffic chaos, particularly during the peak hours and holidays. “There is a drawback to the overall developmental work – congested roads and absence of proper parking space. It takes one nearly 45 minutes to reach from O-Coqueiro circle to Assembly complex, and extra time to cross the Bridge. It is very frustrating,” Blessy Fernandes, a Torda-resident and mother of two nursery going daughters said. 

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