Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Cosmetic surgery

If you ask most people what they find beautiful about others they will begin by describing their physical characteristics: “I like big eyes, long hair, strong muscles, a nice butt....” Rarely do you hear someone remark: “I like people who are generous, kind and compassionate.” More

Colony lost?

An article in an International newspaper recently claimed “artists” and “hipsters” to be the new agents that drive the process of gentrification. More

Beach shacks - private huts imbroglio: a scientific appraisal

The littoral states of India are blessed with a smart instrument that governs human interventions in the coastal zone. More

Goa’s infrastructure is crumbling

It’s 7:00 in the evening and for over an hour, I have been stuck in traffic on the Panjim Patto bridge. The road leading into Panjim and out has cars and motorcyclists stranded, each trying to wiggle out of the traffic jam, an everyday struggle for regular travellers to get to their respective destinations. More

Marginalisation of Goans must not be tolerated

Having watched helplessly our beloved land being destroyed and disfigured by our greedy and selfish rulers, past and present, and their accomplices, More

EC threat to delete Portuguese passport holders names

With the Election Commission’s move to delete twenty seven thousands of names holding Portuguese passports from the electoral rolls, More

Contaminated tap water

Residents of Goa, besides constant interruptions, are intermittently facing a problem of contamination of tap water, even as we continue reading or hearing State government’s slogans promising 24 hours clean water supply, since the last more than three years. More

Laadli Laxmi Scheme: Impact analyses

Women in India suffer on various counts. They are not able to avail of the opportunities offered due to their multiple, crippling socio-economic handicaps. More

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