Wednesday, January 19, 2017

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Rising road accidents

I fully agree with the views expressed by Tolentino A. Colaço in Herald (28/10/16) on the above topic. More

Election Manifesto

As the elections are fast approaching political parties will release manifestos promising goodies to the voters, More

Sir, Your Manners, Please!

A re we Indians an unhappy people, full of repressed anger? Forgive me for thinking so, but unfortunately this is my impression. More

Our ragpickers

Millions of our brothers and sisters are engaged in rag picking. More

The Police Food Scam

The recent food scam during the BRICS Summit where stale and contaminated food with cockroaches was served to the police personnel must have formed bricks-like objects in their stomachs. More

Cultural links with Pak

It is very unfortunate and disgraceful of some film personalities to think of having cultural links with Pakistan whose army not only exports terrorism into India and other parts of the world but also kills our jawans on the border almost every day. More

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