Saturday, March 26, 2017


We are KILLING ourselves

Rash and negligent driving, non observance of traffic rules, drunken driving, use of mobile phones while on the steering wheel, not wearing helmets, easily available licences, bad roads and the increasing number of vehicles are some of the reasons why accidents are on the rise on Goa’s roads. VIBHA VERMA and BASURI DESAI attempt to find out the reasons behind these fatalities More

Are licences issued with proper tests?

It is a general opinion that licences are easily available in Goa, with learners having to make an ‘8’ and answering few questions on the road signs. VRISHANK MAHATME compares how difficult it is to obtain a licence in other countries. More

This is not the Goa we were brought up in

NESHWIN ALMEIDA logs in to find out how the social media is reacting to Danielle McLaughlin's murder More

The scar lets us down

BASURI DESAI tracks the crimes against foreign tourists which have earned Goa a bad name More

Murder numbs Canconkars

ABEL BARRETO spoke to several persons from Canacona who are shocked and sad that Goa is getting a bad name More

What went  wrong with  the BJP?
What went wrong with the BJP?

BJP, which had won a simple majority of 21 seats in 2012, managed to get only 13 this time with CM Laxmikant Parsekar losing by a margin of 7119 votes to Dayanand Sopte of Congress. VIBHA VERMA has the details More

GSM plays crucial role of splitting BJP votes

The Goa Suraksha Manch formed by Subash Velingkar was one of the main factors which saw the downfall of the saffron party as the RSS rebel cadres voted for the anti-BJP party candidates. VRISHANK MAHATME has the details of the vote split More

Judgement Day




Tourism taken for massive taxi ride

Vibha Verma takes a bumpy ride to find out why even 14 months after a notification to install GPS-capable digital fare meters on tourist taxis came into effect, the implementation has come to a screeching halt. The State government has been citing various reasons in its defence, she finds out More


NESHWIN ALMEIDA scans the social media to see how the affected have spat venom against the taxi problems More

Govt 'Meters' down

Eleven months after issuing a notification making it mandatory that all tourist taxis be fitted with digital meters, the State government - bogging down to protests by taxi operators - kept its order in abeyance last November. Although the development followed by way of another notification, some stakeholders have challenged it's legality in the High Court of Bombay at Goa. More


In God they trust and in the power of faith in their fight to take on a mighty International hotel chain and the government too, to get back what they fiercely claim is their tenanted land, taken away illegally. The final judgment is still awaited. SHWETA KAMAT documents the legal journey of the St Anthony’s Tenants and Mundkars Association of Tiracol More

‘Jacques-ta-positioning’ the arguments


Are you typsy or frenzIED behind the wheel?

VRISHANK MAHATME scripts facts and figures to give a big picture of how rash driving is growing gradually & claiming more lives. He does so as the debate rages on whether drunken driving or rash driing is the reason for deaths on National and State Highways More

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