Wednesday, January 25, 2017


YUVA VOTE:  Political parties aware of  their POWER?
YUVA VOTE: Political parties aware of their POWER?

According to the recently released electoral role by the Election Commission of India (ECI) for the upcoming State Assembly elections, approximately 42 per cent of the total voting population in the Goa is below 40 years of age (18 – 39), whereas the new voters count is 3 percent (18 – 19). More

Young Goa will be a deciding factor

Successive governments' failures to provide jobs and allied opportunities may not have gone down well this time with the young voters in the State, Basuri Desai does an audit More

Meet the girls who are AAPing the ante

From first runner up of Dance India Dance Super Mom 2013 to former hockey national player; the party’s list of women candidates has been carefully crafted, Vibha Verma writes More

Sorrowing Goenkarponn seeks a new lease of life

On the 50th anniversary of the Opinion Poll, ALEXANDRE MONIZ BARBOSA weighs in on the gains of the historic poll and where Goa stands today vis-à-vis the ideals that led to giving Goa an identity on that day January 16, 1967 More


NESHWIN ALMEIDA interacts with the youth across Goa and presents their perspective of what they feel about governance, corruption, elections and who should be a politician and what needs to change this election More

Where is the Youth Policy, what happened to it?

Exactly a year ago, the government had announced the Goa Youth Policy 2015, with several benefits to the youth but till date the policy just remains on paper. More


Herald audits the government's achievements, failures and U-turns as 2016 comes to an end More


BASURI DESAI goes on a mission to find out how the admin and the banned note have impacted the drug business in the state. While the drug trade had indeed got impacted some notorious shacks have “cashed’ in by selling drugs and accepting payments by card, showing them as food and alcohol expenses More

When law-keepers PLAY FOUL


No cash, no hash, no bash

The Anti Narcotics wing of the Goa police have witnessed an immediate plummeting of the drug trade as soon big currency notes were demonetised. VIBHA VERMA speaks to the ANC chief to get a sense of the drug trade post demonetisation More

Of black deals and shady characters

In a first of its kind, Goa police releases a drug peddlers list. VIBHA VERMA gets the inside ‘dope’ More


The Congress grandpas aren’t yet looking forward to days in the park, reading, walking and chatting. They do not look to be either tired nor retired. As Congress attempts to reinvent itself by injecting fresh blood, it is still too early to say, that this will be fresh transfusion all the way. Team Herald Review analyses More

Fresh faces across ten constituencies and counting are already injecting Congress with new spirit

GPCC President Luizinho Faleiro had a chat on new beginnings and the road map for the fresh Congress package he hopes to deliver, with Team Herald Review More


Many say the BJP-MGP relationship is broken and there’s no fixing it. A section feels that over riding national interest and pressure from the BJP high command will cement a working relationship till the elections. But if there’s ever a time to look at how this relationship has played out, and how its future will impact the elections, it is now. Team Herald Review looks at all the shades and shadows of this fascinating relationship More



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