Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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The poll temperature has risen several notches in Cumbharjua this winter with the induction of Pandurang Madkaikar into the BJP. Vrishank Mahatme feels the political tremors while he speaks to Siddesh Naik and Pandurang Madkaikar to unearth the reasons f


'Introducing VVPAT in a major way is a huge challenge for us'

It is just a matter of days before the Election Commission presses the poll buzzer. SHweta Kamat talks to CEO Kunal to find out about the poll panel's requirements, preparations as the D-Day nears More

ODP is not about converting property into commercial zones: Babita


‘I protested over the process’


‘Everything has been done in a transparent and judicious manner’


ODPs are opposed with political motive: D’Souza

The BJP government in the State has reached the fag end of its term. In the last four years while it has done some development work it has also got a dubious distinction of being the party of U-turns, one such U-turn has been on the Regional Plan and the casinos. SURAJ NANDREKAR speaks to Deputy Chief Minister Francis D’Souza on the issue and recent outrage against the Outline Development Plans (ODPs) across the State. Excerpts: More

For Goans, it was a shock when the promise made to them on Special Status was not fulfilled.

Basuri Desai and Vrishank Mahatme spoke to Prajal Sakhardande and Vinay Tendulkar on the burning topic More

‘Congress leaders must keep aside their ego and unite to revive the party’

‘Congress leaders must keep aside their ego and unite to revive the party’ More

GVP is becoming communal: Mickky

Who is Lyndon Monteiro? What was he? Mickky has never looted anybody. Mickky is the same person what he was 16 years ago. And see the people who started their journey on a loaned motorcycle, what are they today..Mickky Pacheco, GVP Supremo More

GVP is a political party and not a Ltd company

Only time will tell if Mickky was right or wrong (in supporting BJP). So let's leave it to time. Ultimately, it is for the people to decide whether the government has fulfilled its aspirations towards the people or not. People always get a government they deserve Lyndon Monteiro, GVP General Secretary More

Only govt is to be blamed for delay in shack licences

Goa is in the midst of the peak tourism season, with thousands of domestic as well as foreign tourists flocking to the state. However, the beach shacks, which are the main attraction on the beaches for food and drinks, are still missing thanks to the Tourism Department’s delay in complying with the NGT orders. SURAJ NANDREKAR speaks to Shack Owners Welfare Association president Cruz Cardozo to find out more More