Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Goa heading towards Fevicol government

Literacy levels of Goa being highest in India, the voters are considered to be the most intelligent in choosing their leaders in politics. More the intelligence, More

Emotional but insubstantial nationalism

India’s Foreign Minister has apparently recovered national pride after making the world’s largest online retailer bend. What happened was as follows. More

Minimum Parivartan, Maximum U-Turns


Thought Control, Taught Control?


When truth is politically incorrect
When truth is politically incorrect

Each of us has a single vote. It appears to be of little or no value. Today with so many candidates and parties in the fray, it often seems that our vote is slowly losing its decisive edge. More

Goem Tum Kabar…?

She was known to the world as Rome of the East but for a common Goemkar like me, she is just my Goa or Goem. For some it was a paradise on earth with lovely, joyful and peaceful atmosphere all around her. More

Voice your opinion and elect the wise as our MLAs

A few years ago on our country’s Independence Day, when I was watching the DD news on the television, I saw a truck moving on the road in New Delhi. More

Panjim – A tale of a lost city

The election to the Goa Assembly 2017-2021 is around the corner. In another 2 months we would have in place our representatives to the 40 assembly segments with freshly elected old and new faces representing us, and a new government too, which would be dictating our destination, as we would have entrusted our future in their hands. More

Modi should change tack & aim at politicians and government employees

Modi's demonetisation has not made even a minor dent in reducing black money and corruption. The whole exercise has been to exhibit misplaced bravado and hide adverse facts and promote those that seek to extol demonetisation. More

Lead from the front

What is the importance of performance when it comes to assessing a leader's popularity? Logic would suggest to us that a leader who is able to bring prosperity to his people would be popular. More

Stratification of Indian society and the lurking danger

India is known (historically) as a caste/class ridden society. There are many social, economic reasons for the same, but the continuation of classism in India has no justification except the political one. More

Vote for Accountability

Every five years the Indian constitution ensures that the people of India call the shots when it comes to their future and their say is that only counts to decide who governs them for another five years. More

The Goenchi Mati Permanent Fund

On April 21, 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that the ‘Goa Iron Ore Permanent Fund’ be created. More

Grand alliance of the voters to counter no alliance of political parties

We are witnessing a massive crossover of some leaders from one party to another in Goa. More

Modi needs to walk the talk before he forces people to fall in line!

When PM Narendra Modi announced out of the blue on the night of November 8 that all high value currency notes of Rs 1000 and Rs 500 were being demonetised effective from midnight, he said that the people had time up to December 30, 2016 More

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