Saturday, March 26, 2017

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Why the outrage? We get what we choose!

From the evening of March 11, 2017 to date, the local and national print and electronic media, the social networking sites and most Goans (especially Xaxtikars) are abuzz with only two names – one of an MLA , the other of his political party. More

Goans suffer a political stroke

The Goan electorate is still limping back to recovery after suffering a political stroke within 24 hours of the election results to the Goa Legislative Assembly 2017 being declared. Whether it has been a ‘vijay’ for democracy or for Hindutva fascism is yet to be realised. More

The version of Goenkarponn, without humanity, needs to be dumped

Goa Forward has brought forward this word Goenkarponn and Manohar Parrikar, whom I would call as Chief Minister of North Goa since most of the Ministers in his cabinet are from North Goa, has borrowed this word Goeankarponn from Vijai Sardesai, Leader of Goa Forward. More

Toughen up to clean up the banking system

We are back again talking about the huge NPAs at our scheduled banks and what to do about them. One of the methods has been to suggest that creating a ‘bad bank’ would help concentrate the recovery process and generate a special expertise in dealing with these huge unrecoverable loans. More

Is it the demise of the Economic Right in India?

The “Suit Boot ki Sarkar” jibe was a sucker punch to the BJP and personally to Prime Minister Modi’s, just budding government. This phenomena to blur a government’s vision, focus and throw it off balance is unparalled in Indian Politics. It has totally changed the right wing economic narrative of the BJP and of P.M. Modi in particular. More

Congress decay has lost them space in states


Do we have a Democracy that does not Exist?

The democratic exercise in Goa has raised several uncomfortable questions. Goa has a Government that most Goans have not elected. We have a Chief Minister, who even with all his Charisma and dexterity, is one not elected by the people. More

How could you? A doctor laments Goa’s political spin doctoring

Vijai how could you turn your back on your voters and hit them where it hurts the most, where they nourished the hopes of a new dawn, in their heart of hearts. More

A Bishop for 50 years:  no small deal!
A Bishop for 50 years: no small deal!

When he was informed that a formal celebration of his Episcopal Golden Jubilee was being planned, his response was many-worded, lasting several minutes, but one that can be brought down to two words: “nothing doing!” True to the low-profile existence he chose to adopt after his resignation from the leadership of this Archdiocese, Archbishop Raul Gonsalves almost said, in different words: More

Party over!

By Aakar Patel More


Having conceived, a woman bears lots of pain, hardship during pregnancy. One fine morning (metaphor, intended) delivers a baby with lots of labour pain by screaming, bleeding and what not? Immediately forgets all that pain, sufferings, once she looks at the face of the new born. More

Political short-sightedness and blindness
Political short-sightedness and blindness


Making Goa Comfortable Is Making Goans Uncomfortable!


Crazy for Democracy and Angry about Demockcrazy


What’s in the box
What’s in the box


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