Herald: Damodar, Chowgule College clinch titles

Damodar, Chowgule College clinch titles

06 Oct 2015 06:09am IST

Report by
Team Herald

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06 Oct 2015 06:09am IST

Report by
Team Herald

The Men’s trophy went to Damodar College while Chowgule College bagged top honours in the Women’s category

PANJIM: Damodar College, Margao and Chowgule College, Margao won the Inter-Collegiate Men and Women championships organized by Goa University, at Jubilee Hall, University Campus, Taleigao Plateau, recently.

Rosary College, Navelim were the runners-up and MES College, Zuarinagar claimed the third position in the Men’s event.

In the Women’s category, Government College, Khandola secured the runners-up trophy while Vidya Probodhini College, Porvorim claimed the third spot. 

Results Men. Up to 54 kg: Omkar Mareedu (Gold, Rosary College, Navelim), Basavraj Hampholi (Silver, Don Bosco College, Panjim), Venkatesh Malagimani (Bronze, MES College, Zuarinagar) and Kasar Sagar (Bronze, MES College, Zuarinagar).

Up to 58 kg: Rajat Naik (Gold, Damodar College), Sohail Mandrekar (Silver, Dempo College, Altinho), Kamalnath Naith (Bronze, Govt College, Quepem) and Saahil Kankonkar (Bronze, Damodar College).

Up to 63 kg: Sandeep Singh (Gold, Chowgule College), Patil Basangouda (Silver,  MES College, Zuarinagar), Vincy Fernandes (Bronze, Damodar College, Margao) and Vishal Bhat (Bronze, Damodar College, Margao).

Up to 68 kg: Rajput Vijay (Gold, MES College, Zuarinagar), Juned Khan (Silver, Damodar College, Margao), Saif Ali Sayed (Bronze, Rosary College) and Vishnu Khatik (Bronze, Rosary College).

Up to 74 kg: Ranjan Thakur (Gold, GEC, Farmagudi), Hariom Kashyap (Silver, Damodar College, Margao), Mahableshwar Torlaskar (Bronze, St Xavier’s, Mapusa) and Guruprasad Prabhu (Bronze, Damodar College).

Up to 80 kg: Ajay Kumar Chauhan (Gold, Rosary College, Navelim), Pravesh Tiwari (Silver, St Xavier’s College), Rathod Ramu (Bronze, MES College, Zuarinagar) and Mallah Ravindra (Bronze, MES College, Zuarinagar).

Up to 87 kg: Alkesh Dessai (Gold, Damodar College, Margao), Sandesh Palconda (Silver, Damodar College), Coburn Franco (Bronze, VM Salgaocar College, Mira Mar) and Blyton D’Costa (Bronze, Rosary College).

Above 87 kg: Latif Khan (Gold, Govt College, Khandola), Rohit Mardolkar (Silver, PCCE, Verna), Sayeel Lingudkar (Bronze, VM Salgaocar, Mira Mar) and Harshad Bhandari (Bronze, Damodar College).

Results Women. Up to 46 kg: Kavita Kataria (Gold, Vidya Probodhini, Porvorim), Magdalina D’Costa (Silver, Don Bosco College, Panjim), Lee Gonsalves (Bronze, Govt College, Borda) and Sweta Pednekar (Bronze, Damodar College, Margao).

Up to 49 kg: Parab Aanushka (Gold, Chowgule College), Seval Fernandes (Silver, Damodar College), Swizel Mascarenhas (Bronze, Rosary College) and Anjali Hasotikar (Bronze, Govt College, Borda).

Up to 53 kg: Savitha Telgi (Gold, Chowgule College), Bharati Chauhan (Silver, Damodar College), Manjita Khedekar (Bronze, Govt College, Khandola) and Fernandes Krisann M ( Bronze, Chowgule College).

Up to 57 kg: Khan Alifa Bi (Gold, Chowgule College), Kankonkar Tejasvi (Silver, MES College, Zuarinagar), Jessina Pereira (Bronze, Govt College, Borda) and Raiker Gautami (Bronze, Kare College).

Up to 62 kg: Asifa Bi Khan (Gold, VM Salgaocar College), Gadekar Sukanti (Silver, Vidya Probodhini), Gracias Magacy (Bronze, Chowgule College) and Riya Pai Vaidya (Bronze, Damodar College).

Up to 67 kg: Alshwini  Fernandes (Gold, Rosary College, Navelim), Nikita Tanawade (Silver, Chowgule College) and Thrupti Korlur (Bronze, Govt College, Khandola).

Above 73 kg: Camelon Fernandes (Gold, Govt College, Khandola), Anandi Reddy (Silver, Govt College, Khandola), Edna Joanes (Bronze, Govt College, Borda) and Deepika Vasudava (Bronze, Damodar College).
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