Thursday, October 27, 2016


Student’s suicide exposes callous attitude of school


An airport at Mopa cannot be a political decision

On the day the Goa government began disbursing the additional compensation, which comes to three times the amount of the earlier award, to the land losers of Mopa, More

In 2017, a new option in Goa’s fight against corruption


How a well-concerted script won the battle for a flick ‘fracas’


The citizenship question remains unanswered


Will the silk route to India be re-invented?

During the recently concluded BRICS and BIMSTEC Summit in Goa, the Chinese jumped upon the opportunity to engage the Goa government towards establishing a business relationship with China. More

When will the shacks come up on the beaches?

The Tourism Department finally invited applications for shacks on beaches but it comes with a rider of the allotment being subject to the approval of the Shack Policy by the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority. More

Congress should ensure it does not rue missed opportunities


Lokayukta becomes a thorn in the flesh for the government

On April 20, 2016 the government cleared the name of Justice P K Misra as the next Lokayukta for the State of Goa. More

Terror talks under the shadow of terror


Politics of patriotism has no place in art


The pullout of two world class music events will hit Goa’s niche tourism

The poster says it all. A girl rising up amidst a crowd with her arms arched, obviously to the sound of music. And with just two words above ‘Hapoona Matata’ and a tag line ‘what a wonderful change’, a play on the words Hakuna Matata from Lion King which had a tagline ‘What a wonderful phrase’ More

AAP cannot dismiss unfavourable surveys after its banner offensive with the first one

Pre-poll surveys have this funny habit. They have mood swings. And this hits parties. But parties who live by opinion polls, must learn to perish by them too. At least on paper. More

President Putin should know that Russians & Goans have a love-hate story

The Russian President Vladamir Putin has listed terrorism, drugs and corruption as the three biggest challenges to be tackled by the BRICS nations ahead of his trip to Goa, where he is undoubtedly going to be the show stopper for the BRICS summit beginning on Saturday. More

This would have got a tiger’s roar of approval

The tigers in Goa would roar their approval if they were to know that the State has taken the first step towards ensuring their protection. More

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