Thursday, February 11, 2016


A tiger reserve in Goa could have various advantages


Good officers and institutions are being broken down in Goa


The BJP in Panjim stands for Babush, Jennifer & Parrikar


There cannot be a politically correct Carnival


Complete mining ban is a double-edged sword


How will you stop the criticisms during the election Carnival, Mr Parsekar?

When a government starts taking itself more seriously than the people it is supposed to govern, it is on the threshold of extinction. More

At Rs 14 crores a year, we could have built new beaches

In December when one of Goa Tourism’s most efficient Tourism Director's Ameya Abhyankar was removed inexplicably and passed off as routine, More

The high command has to be the people

The first of the United States Presidential primaries threw up surprise results in both parties. More

Terrorism will destroy tourism for generations to come

Terror never makes for good tourism. More

First have a tourism policy, then fly helicopters

It is ironical how political foes come together for an issue which seems relatively minor, and do not do so to solve far more oppressing concerns. More

Can there be some finality to the Portuguese nationality issue?


Goa be damned, Arlekar has created the environment for ‘business’

The Environment Minister Rajendra Arlekar must be a very happy man. He has quite done the job which he was sent to do. More

Think SMART, learn to fund your cities as well as you plan them


The people of Goa are paying more than the Mopa developer is


Merely claiming Salcete as its own, does not make it so


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