Friday, July 25, 2014


Those who hire labour should provide housing

Wednesday’s articulation of the migrant issue by, Karnataka Higher Education Minister R V Deshpande, calling on Goa government to legitimize illegalities and rehabilitate the illegal occupants of Baina slums is both shocking and amusing and does not augur well for Goa. More

It’s our privilege to demand accountability from our Govt

The Chief Minister announced on Wednesday that the Tourism Departments reply on the amount it spent in the last two years on trips by Ministers, MLAs and officials was erroneous. More

Goa’s system protects drunk drivers

It's getting close to four days since an employee of a private hospital knocked down two young men after driving drunk. It's just sheer providence that the two boys are not dead and God forbid, if they were, the deaths would have merely added to the growing number of accidental deaths on Goa’s roads. More

These issues can’t wait Mr Parrikar

With the Parrikar government about to reach its half way back of two and a half years in government in September, this July-August budget session is appraisal time. More

Report, root out corruption from public life

The arrest of Sancoale Sarpanch for allegedly demanding a bribe, is a symptom of the sordid underbelly of local governments in Goa. The accused was apprehended when a courageous businessman, More

There will be Bainas everywhere if we don’t manage labour

The pictures that are emerging from the debris of Baina, where 66 families are now one with nature, are cruel, with the sky as their roof and beach their kitchen and toilet. Beyond their destruction lies the sea, angrily lashing against the remaining homes ready to swallow and consume them. More

The CM’s Regional Plan bluff has to be called now

When a Chief Minister of a state promises, it becomes policy. It doesn’t quite matter if it’s a remark on the sidelines of a cabinet meeting, a formal press conference of for that matter even informal chats with the knowledge and intention that the conversation will be reported. On the issue of the Regional Plan of Goa, every such comment made by Chief Minister Parrikar including commitments made by him or on his behalf on the Regional Plan, has been nullified by consistent inaction on an issue which is fundamental to the development template of Goa. More

Absenteeism betrays VI pay commitments of civil servants

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s visit to government offices in Mapusa exposed the sorry state of Goa’s bureaucracy in terms of service delivery, and poor responsiveness and accountability towards citizens, who routinely labour it out at government offices. The Chief Minister has warned of stringent action against absentee staff, beginning with issuing of memoranda and giving ‘break-in-service’ for repeat absenteeism. More

There’s been a criminal neglect in managing mining loans

Every war accounts for widespread collateral damage. So does a natural calamity. In both the victims are not quite the stake holders but those on the periphery, including those who pass by. But in a man-made calamity like the greed induced rampant mining followed by a complete wipe out of the sector, the sufferers of collateral damage are those who made the wheels of the sector run, the owners of transport vehicles and machinery. More

The govt isn’t serious about police reform in totality

The cynicism around the Goa police is so intense that the prospect of another attempt at introducing the Goa Police bill in the coming assembly session has been almost negated by many who believe that a piece of legislation that will ensure self scrutiny and punishment, will be self-defeating for a uniformed force that uniformly functions by skirting the law. More

The Spa industry cannot be killed

Figures always tell a story or at the very least point to one. From January 6, 2013 to May 15, 2014, 76 women have been “rescued” from massage parlours, salons and spas from Calangute alone. This effectively indicates more than three “rescues” per month in one belt or constituency alone. More

Shripad follows Sudin in embarrassing Goa

Goa’s politicians are carrying a death wish for tourism in their pockets where their speeches are kept. In fact at the rate at which they are denouncing pubs in Goa, it almost seems like they are enacting a well-defined script that doesn’t even need special mention in each script. Hitting at Goa’s pub culture has become a mantra that needs to be said on any occasion where there are boom mikes and journalists with notebooks. More

Rivona HIV+ case a blow to Goa’s civil fabric

It gives us no pleasure to return to Rivona, when all of us would have been better off, picking, debating and addressing far too many issues and concerns of Goa. Yet, what is happening in Rivona is an acute reflection of us as a society and of Goa as a land which is supposedly progressive, international and global. More

Can a discredited PCC chief be allowed to send show cause notices?

There can never be any debate on this. That a man in charge of enforcing discipline, should not sign the warrant of action with unclean hands. More

Protests against HIV+ kids school admission has lowered Goa’s dignity

The turmoil in a Rivona school over the admission of HIV positive children from an orphanage close to it, shows no signs of abating, after the issue was thought to be settled and closed. More

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