Monday, September 26, 2016


Visitors indict traffic cops, that isn’t good for tourism


The scar remains on Goa’s pristine beaches


A promise of stones, and vagueness on funds

Any doubts that the State is cruising along the poll highway were dispelled when Union Minister for Shipping and Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari announced a slew of projects for the State on his visit to Goa. More

If Telangana can do IT, why not Goa


If we allow 2017 to be about political deals, Goa is finished

As the contours of the coming elections are gradually beginning to get inked, though they are just early brush strokes on the canvas, the grammar of how politicians are approaching these polls is getting clearer. More

Govt contractors are always hand-in-glove with govt bodies

With more than 200 government contractors coming together to collectively work on recovering staggering dues of Rs 400 crores with Rs 200 crores yet to be billed for various projects, More

Not bucking to BBSM on MoI, is the right choice of the govt

The language issue in Goa is the stuff of a roaring political script. More

Beaches are Goa’s biggest tourism asset, keep them clean

There’s less than a fortnight to the start of the tourism season 2016 and there’s lots that still needs to be ironed out. More

GCCI should look at ASSOCHAM’s concerns on Goa’s investment climate objectively

The Goa Chamber of Commerce and other industry bodies have led a virulent and strong response to the ASSOCHAM report which came down heavily on the state for not doing enough to promote an investment climate. More

In-house battle to engage Defence Minister in Goa


Can AAP, Goa Forward say if they want casinos out of Goa or not?


There has to be finality to the dual citizenship issue


Parivar problems has made BJP ‘AAP’ the ante to ensure vote split


Can the Delhi health minister look beyond slums to sort Goa’s health care?

Zuarinagar, Cambrabhat, Chimbel. If the slum tour of Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain is a pointer of things to come, More

Goa’s progressive law gets national thumbs up

Goa’s family laws may soon become the base upon which the country’s Uniform Civil Code will be built. In its questionnaire that will be released shortly, More

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