Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Giving the media lessons in law won’t find 30 kids

The North Goa Superintendent of Police Priyanka Kashyap, decided to give the media a lesson in the finer nuances of the CrPC and the POSCO act to defend the release of an accused who raped a minor girl, an inmate of the UK based charity, stating that the Children’s Court was pleased to grant him bail and hence the police could wash its hands off any residue of guilt on that score. More

Unknown rapists get same day bail in Goa, while the police chase the famous

Motilal will probably have to be reborn to even get a degree of fame and a place in the spotlight as a former Editor of a fearless weekly, who was arrested for ‘rape” and languished in jail for over six months. But the Goa police system was certainly kinder to this staff of UK based charity home, More

Why is the FDA scared to crack down on spurious foodstuff?

Public Health should be of utmost importance to the government of the day. Raids by the Food and Drugs Administration on sweet meats shops appear to be symbolic and bureaucratic, rather than part of a sustained committed drive to safeguard the health of the population. More

September 2014: the CM’s to do list

September will be a month of living up to promises for Chief Minister Parrikar. If some of the promises he has made in the assembly are indeed going to be put into practice the Chief Minister should be setting everything aside and burn the midnight oil from daybreak to the next dawn. More

Of Cong presidents, partymen and the press

The relationship between the Congress and the media has been of fights and friendships but never one of distance. Which is why the churning within the party is matter of routine knowledge up close and personal to most journalists who have covered Congress at the state or center. More

Incentives aplenty for corruption, cheating and illegalities

Contrary to the opinion that Goa is one of the best performing states, it can easily bid for one of the most lawless states in India, not far behind the north Indian states. More

Gadgil report on faulty EC clearances cannot be suppressed

When the Goa government had asked Professor Madhav Gadgil the author of the seminal Western Ghats ecology report to assess the quality of the Environmental Impact Assessments compliance with EC conditions, he had called it a “positive sign”. More

Power availability cannot be like Mungerilal’s dreams

Dreams are wonderful if they turn into reality. One of the most loved characters in Indian grass root fiction was a man called Mungerilal, the dreamer. In fact his dreams were so charming and beautiful that they became central to his life, since reality was a dampner. More

Outsider officer guarded Goan interests, more than Goan babus

The 85 room hotel project in Curtorim, may be a small step towards developing hinterland tourism, but is a giant leap in exposing how virtually defunct Regional Plans, kept alive artificially, are misused to clear projects. More

Set transparent criteria for mega projects

Leader of Opposition Pratapsing Rane had rightly pointed out that it is enough for a few people to cobble up support and scuttle any project in any village. More

Hopefully, John will be sacked, to give Cong a last shot

As dusk fell on a weekend in Margao, some very familiar faces stood in front of a lane at Malbhat to go to the home of a resident in one of the small apartments in that lane, Digambar Kamat. Kamat organized a puja, in the run up the Ganesh festivities. More

No Govt can stop a true story whose time has come


Facilitate affordable housing for Goans in Goa

The skyrocketing of land and apartment prices in Goa since 2007 has put housing way beyond middle class families even on the outskirts of major towns. More

Rotten apples in the police system or a rotten system?

The Curtorim MLA, Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco during his speech on the demands of the Home Department reminded the Chief Minister of his promise to remove all the rotten apples in the police system. He asked what happened to all the rotten apples. More

An honest Dean was sacrificed in a corrupt system

When a country or a state makes the battle against corruption, its war cry, it must remember that the success of this mission depends as much on protecting and encouraging the honest and the upright, as exposing and punishing the corrupt. More

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