Tuesday, May 04, 2016


Parrikar has made a mockery of Parsekar’s position as CM


Police should stop the drug channels


NEET will infringe on State’s rights on Higher Education


End of term Lokayukta is a stale gift to Goa

Call it sheer irony or a blatant travesty, More

The IPB has murdered the Regional Plan

The Goa government has officially surrendered the Regional Plan at the altar of the all powerful investment Promotion Board. More

Lessons to be learnt from Delhi’s museum fire

The four-decade old National Museum of Natural History at New Delhi went up in flames this week, bringing to the fore just how vulnerable our repositories of history and culture are. More

RSS is now gunning for Parsekar’s chair, as parivar’s MoI divide widens

It’s becoming almost impossible to take one’s feet off the MoI pedal, with a desperate government forced to run to the centre in order to quell the growing and almost irreversible divide between the Parsekar government and the Goa RSS over the issue. More

When Bhai becomes ‘narad’, he has only himself to blame

Manohar Parrikar is praying everyday that the situation he is going through with the RSS in Goa, More

Government failing to implement traffic policy

Speed kills, is one of the most common of adages, but somehow few think of this when they are behind the wheel of a four-wheeler or riding a two-wheeler. More

Govt has violated principles of cabinet decision making on MoI

In the haze and confusion that the Laxmikant Parsekar government has generated over the issue of grants for English schools, amidst taking potshots at even the Herald for creating a divide between the BJP and the BBSM, More

The BJP continues to ditch Goans and makes life difficult


State delayed Lokayukta appointment but Justice will not be denied


Don’t play politics with children’s education


Road safety drives should impart basic knowledge, not just penalties


Lessons from Bengaluru FC for Goan football clubs

The last round of the I-league has turned inconsequential as far as deciding the champion soccer club of India is concerned. More

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